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Best websites for freelance work

Written by Vicky York

The digital nomad lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular around the world and Barcelona is no exception. Here in Barcelona, there is a thriving freelance community as more and more are after the freedom which this lifestyle brings. But for those who are just starting out, it can be hard to know exactly where to find freelance work. So here are some of the best freelancer websites in Spain to help you to grow your portfolio and freelance experience.

Infojobs Freelancer

Photo via Pexels

Infojobs is a hugely popular job search site in Spain and Infojobs Freelancer is its freelance equivalent to help you find freelance projects. You create your profile and then search and send proposals to projects that fit your skills. You can also set up email alerts for new projects that fit your profile so you don’t miss out on any potential work.


Domestika is the site for creative freelancers in Spain. You can look for freelancing projects, jobs, and even create a portfolio. As well as providing a great community for creatives, Domestika also offers courses on photography, graphic design, WordPress, Photoshop, illustrating and much more.

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Despite being one of the biggest freelancing platforms around, some freelancers recommend that you avoid Upwork altogether as you end up bidding for the lowest price on projects. However, if you are just starting out, Upwork can be a great way to get freelance experience and recommendations. Plus, once you get good reviews you can start bidding for higher paid jobs. It also gives you access to a massive range of jobs, be it one off projects or long term positions.


Freelancer works in a similar vein to Upwork, however, unlike other freelancing platforms Freelancer brings your competitive side out by letting you show off your skills and compete with other freelancers in different contests. The more you win, the more clients you can attract.

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Photo via Pexels

Twago is another freelancer site which works in a similar way to Upwork but it specifically targets the European market. It mainly focuses on one-off freelancing projects and also provides an escrow payment service to make payment straightforward and easy.

If you’re thinking about becoming a freelancer in Spain or Barcelona and need to gain experience fast check out the above sites or comment below with any other freelancing sites you use to look for work.

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About the author

Vicky York

Vicky is a UK copywriter and translator based in Barcelona. An avid traveller, festival follower and music lover.


  • Interesting article. Definitely it is always happiness to update Your knowledge about freelancing platforms when You are deep inside in that sphere, like I am. I myself use the , and I am satisfied. Cause I own a small team of web designers and developers, and jointohire is more a niche platform for hiring mostly web designers or web developers.

  • Great to find a blogpost like this!

    As a UK resident looking at moving and working in Barcelona and currently working freelance/self employed is there any differences that apply? Thanks so much!

  • Great article! Have tried some of these sites and they work reasonably well.

    There is a website specifically for freelancers in Barcelona that I use:

    You can register there to get a notification when new jobs pop up.

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