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Discover VizEat

Written by Paula

Barcelona is a very exciting and eclectic city that has a lot to offer both to locals and to visitors. Those who deeply appreciate culinary experiences will be delighted with the vast gastronomic choice available in the city, from Indian food, to Peruvian, French, and Venezuelan. There are plenty of excellent restaurants where you can have a great meal in the city and we have written many articles about them. But if you want to try a more personalized experience where you get to interact directly with locals whilst enjoying good food, we recommend that you explore VizEat.

What is VizEat?

Photo via Pexels

VizEat is a website that offers travelers the opportunity to share meals, gastronomic tours, or cooking classes that are prepared, guided and taught by locals. They have a very large community of hosts (over 20,000!) spread all around the world, which is great news for those who want to have this sort of experience every time they travel to a different country. The experience offered by VizEat is not simply that of getting involved with the local cuisine but also that of meeting new people who may even end up becoming great friends. VizEat offers different experiences in different cities, ranging from high-class, gourmet meals, too easygoing culinary meetings.

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How did VizEat come to be?

VizEat is the brainchild of a man called Jean-Michel who, when traveling through Peru, decided to share a meal with some of the locals. The experience that he had, sharing authentic food with genuine people, made him realize how much joy could be found in this simple experience.

But Jean-Michel did not come up with VizEat all by himself. Fellow Camille, a food enthusiast, wanted to explore real Chinese cuisine while she traveled through Asia. It was during that time that the idea of creating an online platform where people could seek out this type of experience came about.

Jean-Michel and Camille joined heads and VizEat was launched.

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What experiences does VizEat offer in Barcelona?

Photo via Pexels

The experiences offered on the VizEat platform are ever changing. Some of the options currently available on the website are the tasting of Fusion Spanish Tapas in a hidden location, which costs 66€ per person, the opportunity to enjoy a Catalan meal on a boat, for 40€ per person, the Wonderful Illusions Night (ecological food), for 42€ per person, and the Brunch full of Art, offered by an Italian illustrator in her own house, for 22€ per person.

How to become a host

If you feel like you have a lot to offer in the culinary department, you can easily become a host with VizEat. Just create an event on the website, wait for it to be approved (they may request more details or ask you to make some changes), and then you can start hosting your own exciting VizEat experiences!

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