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The Vila Viniteca, wine distributors in Europe

Written by Adriana

In times of crisis there are still growing industries. Is Vila Viniteca case, after 20 years of its founding by Quim Vila and Siscu Martí, last year grew by 5% and got a benefit of 41 million euros, making it one of the largest distributors of wine in Europe. But the origins of this great business are humble, and with this article we want to encourage entrepreneurs who are still thinking about creating a new business or afraid to fail. Entrepreneurship is always a risk, but if it work out, you can get rich and be very succesful. A clear example of this is Quim Vila, who went to Barcelona looking for someone to distribute his wines of a small cellar in Esparraguera whose origins date back to 1548, and finished allying with Siscu Martí to open a shop in Barcelona at Agullers Street. What no one knows is that in fact, these two associates met at a wine tasting… and the rest is history.

Quim-Vila-y-Siscu-Marti-son-so_54389869218_53389389549_600_396Vila Viniteca, besides selling in their store, and organizing one of the blind tastings contest most important in the world of wine, exclusively represent over 200 wineries around the world, and their store in Esparraguera has more than 7,000 wine references. They have also launched a tastings and wine presentations center in the Salamanca district of Madrid called El Mostrador, and they study creating a shop within their store to sell them directly. Besides the logistical business, the founders are also studying to invest in planting new vineyards of the Xarel.lo variety.

Mostrador_homeBlogAccording to its owners, the success of this wine business is that they get along very well and that means they can make decisions very quickly. Furthermore, it has been very important to be clear about how the functions are distributed and work hard , of course, “always with a smile in your face”. In short, going to work each day with enthusiasm, to like what you do and surround yourself with a good team (now 200 people in Vila Viniteca) is important to the success of a business.

From ShBarcelona we always encourage entrepreneurs, we want the business Vila Vinateca suppose an example: teamwork, knowledge of the business and the hours spent in creating it is the key in your success.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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