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Top 10 startups in Barcelona in 2015

Top 10 startups in Barcelona in 2015
Written by Paula

Barcelona is a hot new location for startups, with a series of new companies rapidly gaining worldwide success. Here are the city’s top ten startups of 2015:


Wallapop is an app that was created to connect those who are interested in selling and buying used items. Users can find anything from mattresses and clothing to books and theatre tickets. Wallapop has millions of monthly users, not only in Spain but in the US, Mexico, France and United Kingdom.

Wallapop is located at Carrer de Casp 162.


Lodgify is a company that develops powerful and beautiful software meant to help lodging operators grow their hospitality business. The Lodgify software enhances and simplifies the online marketing process and the management of lodging businesses.

Lodgify is located at Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 420.startups barcelona


MailTrack is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to know when their e-mails have been read. Using the same formula than the one used by Whatsapp, MailTrack works on a “tick” system: one for sent, two for read.

MailTrack is located at Carrer Còrsega, 301.


Marfeel  is a service that allows users like publishers and bloggers to enhance the presentation of their content, with a design that is also optimized for making money through ad placement.

Marfeel is located at Rambla Catalunya, 35.


8FIT is an iOS and Android app that helps users get in shape and lose weight through exercise schedules, food plans and one-on-one coaching.

You can find 8FIT in Mediatic, at Carrer Roc Boronat, 117.


Tindeo  is a marketing app that allows users to browse catalogues and leaflets from supermarkets and stores, making it easier to compare prices, learn about promotions and save money.

Tindeo operates from Edificio Palau de Mar, at Plaza Pau Vila, 1.


Smadex is a company founded by Jordi de los Pinos and Victor Ruiz, a mobile demand-side platform that offers trading desks, agencies and direct advertisers powerful tools and options to build and manage campaigns for performance and brands.

Smadex is located at Carrer de la Llacuna, 162.

First Vision

First Vision developed the technology that incorporates a camera in sports clothes, broadcasting video from the athlete’s point of view.

First Vision is located at Plaça d’Ernest Lluch I Martin, 5.


Kantox is a platform that offer a comprehensive FX management solutions for SMEs and mid-cap companies. It has already reached one billion dollars in transactions and secured 1.000 corporate clients since its foundation in 2011.

Kantox operates from Torre Mapfre at Carrer de la Marina, 16-18.

startups barcelonaGeenapp

Geenapp is a worldwide app promotion platform that was created to offer people channels like webs, blogs and social networks to promote apps and earn money with every installation they generate.

Geenapp is located at Carrer del Monestir, 23.

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