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Living in Barcelona

Best agencies for temporary work in Barcelona

Written by Paula

Finding work in Barcelona is not that difficult, especially if you have the proper documentation to be able to be hired. There may not be too many offers in your particular field of interest at the moment and while it is important to chase the dream to do work that fulfills you, sometimes you have to start with something different. The important thing is to remain positive, active, and to keep the moolah coming in so you can pay your monthly bills while you look for something that is a better fit for you.

A great way to earn money while you don’t find your dream job is to do temporary work. These are often well-paid, particularly if you have certain skills like knowing how to speak different languages. Here are some of the best agencies for temporary work in Barcelona.

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Photo via Pixabay

Randstad is a multinational human resource consulting firm that was founded in 1960 in the Netherlands. They have since expanded, opening branches all over the world, including Spain, where it has over 250 offices. Randstad is one of the biggest players in this sector, and it works very hard year after year to try to reach the first spot in the list, which is currently occupied by Adecco. People who are looking for a job can easily create a profile on the Spanish Randstad website and quickly start browsing the offers. There are jobs in many different categories available, like human resources, retail, and life sciences.

Randstad has a number of offices in Barcelona. The closest ones to the center are located at Carrer de Balmes, 112 and Carrer de Còrserga, 366.


Addecco is a Swiss staffing firm that was founded in Zurich in 1966. It occupies the top spot in the staffing/human resources list, with over 5000 branches in over 60 countries. There are over 300 Adecco offices in Spain, which help thousands of people to find jobs every yer. Much like Randstad’sAdecco’s website is easy to navigate, making the registration process relatively simple. They offer jobs in several sectors, such as administration, IT, and engineering.

Adecco has a number of offices in Barcelona. The closest ones to the center are located at Carrer d’Aragó 237-239, and Carrer de Santa Fé Nou Mexic, 2.

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Photo via Pixabay

The ManpowerGroup was founded in Milwaukee in 1948, in the United States. Today, they have almost 4000 offices in over 80 countries and territories worldwide. Potential candidates can browse the local Manpower offers on their official website but have to create an account to be able to be able to actually apply for a position. They offer jobs in areas such as logistics, the food industry, and contact centers.

Manpower has a number of offices in Barcelona. The closest ones to the center are located at Carrer Consell de Cent, 417, and Calle Diputació, 186 

Before going to an office

Not all of these agencies accept resumes that are delivered in person. If you prefer to hand your resume directly, call ahead to make sure they will accept it and ask which office you should go to since different offices are dedicated to jobs in different sectors.

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