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Moving in

5 Tips for an Easy Move

Moving box with key
Written by Daniella

Every time we move we get frustrated and stressed out because of all the things that need to be done and thought of when relocating. And although we try to work structured and disciplined when preparing and packing, the truth is that moving is often more complicated than we had expected. And that is exactly why ShBarcelona wants to share 5 tips for an easy move. Read carefully, because it might make moving a lot less complicated!

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Simplify moving house with these tips

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If the thought of moving alone already makes you tremble and freak out, then make sure to follow the 5 tips we have for you today. There is no need to be afraid of the whole process of moving, it can be managed in a productive and simple way, and you might even start to enjoy it. The first and most important step is organization. As with everything in life, many things require your organizational skills to make a process run smoothly and effectively. If you organize well beforehand, you can get things done in half the time. Firstly, take the moment before moving out to clean up and get rid of items you no longer need. That way the move will be literally lighter, because you have less things to pack, load, unload and unpack. The next rule is practicality. If you have furniture with lighter items inside, you can protect the outside and move it with its contents. That way, when you get to your new place, the only thing you have to do is put it in the right spot and remove the protection. It will save you heaps of time packing and unpacking boxes. Simplicity also comes in handy when moving to a new house or apartment. Soft items that do not run the risk of getting damaged, such as clothing or other fabrics, can be placed in garbage bags. When you start loading your moving van, these bags can be easily used to fill gaps. This saves space and you might be able to avoid extra trips.

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Photo via Pixabay

Another piece of advice has to do with planning. If you are going to move to a new house, it is important to think ahead of which service providers you are going to hire. There are platforms that can be of great help in these cases, such as Compañías de Luz. They can tell you everything you need to know about electricity prices, for example. Also the service desk at Compañías de Luz can help you change names on existing contracts, and this can be very useful. They can also assess mobile coverage in your new district, and if there is not sufficient coverage, they can help you with a fixed line. Another important aspect to simplify a move is the possibility to change. Once you are going to move to a new place, it is important to adapt it to your preferences. You might therefore want to check how you can paint your new home before moving in. Also check which elements can be removed and think about a layout plan for your furniture. Dispose of any items you might no longer be needing after you have moved, and you will soon call your new place home again.

Do you have any other tips when moving to a new place?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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