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What Will it Be Like to Study in Barcelona in 2021?

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Written by Daniella

The new year has just begon, and that is why we are wondering: What will it be like to study in Barcelona in 2021?

The global pandemic began in March 2020, and is has brought a halt to many school and universitie activities all over the world. Spain has, like many others, turned to online classes for many students.

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One of the most striking consequences was that many foreign students had to return home. They left the country half-way through their chosen study programme.

This year it is expected that the situation will be quite similar, but at the same time the dynamics will be different, because the vaccination programme has started and we’ve all learned from the first months with the virus.

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It is worth mentioning that, despite everything, the student community has not thrown in the towel. They have made great effort to manage the situation and let courses continue.

In 2021, and just like in previous years, studying in Barcelona is a great opportunity for many students. After all, Barcelona is one of the best places in the world to do so.

This article will tell you more about what it is like to study in Barcelona in 2021. This way you can decide what to do with your study plan.

📌 Students usually prefer 2 or 3 bedroom apartments that are well-located, like in the district of Eixample. Check here to find one of these apartments!

Why study in Barcelona in 2021?

If you are considering this option, we will provide you with some of the arguments to persuade you to go ahead with your plans.

Barcelona is not just a beautiful city with a rich culture and the best gastronomy. The city also offers much infrastructure with many resources and services, like qualified personnel, to meet the needs of foreign students. 

Besides this, Barcelona is a cosmopolitan and international city, with people visiting from all over the world. This will make it a piece of cake to communicate, as you will be able to speak several languages, like Spanish and English. 

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As we remain positive, we believe that you should come to Barcelona in 2021 for the following reasons:

  • Precedents: As we already mentioned before, teachers and student have adapted to online classes during the pandemic, so this is now the new normal. This means that the whole educational community has now had several months of experience with developing these classes and using the tools and resources to do it all online
  • Measures: Not everything is done online though, and this should also be clear. Whenever circumstances allowed, classes took place just like they did before. Official exams have also taken place as ususal, but everything is done with proper safety and hygiene measures, just like we are now all familiar with.
  • More knowledge: After almost a full year of living with the virus, we now know more about the number of cases, how the virus spreads, and how to deal with it. Universities are also aware of this, and every student and teacher is better informed.
  • Vaccine programme: The Covid-19 vaccine is being distributed throughout the country. Progress is being made and people who need it most are prioritised. It is expected that during the year the maximum number of people will have received their two doses
  • Control on mobility: For security reasons there are restrictions on mobility. Travel restrictions will prevent the spread of the virus.
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Will you take the opportunity to come and study in Barcelona in 2021? Here is a list of the best universities in the city. 

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Barcelona’s universities for foreign students

Many foreign students come to study in Barcelona via the Erasmus programme, and others have an internship arranged by their original university.

Nevertheless, there is a long list of universities in Barcelona. They specialise in offering courses adapted to foreign students. Here are just a couple of them that stand out:

Barcelona’s City Council website provides you with a search engine to look for offers on courses.

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Unfortunately, no one can guarantee when students can return to university classrooms physically at the moment, so it is important to find accommodation that will suit your needs until we can go back to normality.

Student accommodation in Barcelona

Renting a student flat in Barcelona has been a favourite option with lots of students for many years now. It is the safest choice as well. 

Monthly rentals are very much in demand with students, and this type of rental contract allows for a rental periode of between 32 days and 12 months

Monthly rentals via ShBarcelona

Check out student accommodation

Monthly rentals: What is included?

Most of the time monthly rentals have several bedrooms. They are furnished and electrical appliances are usually included. Basic kitchen and bathroom items, as well as bed linnens, are provided.

The main idea behind this type of apartment is that everything is prepared for you to have all the essentials needed to spend a couple of months there. Thanks to our building and interior design team, we alwats manage to create comfortable homes for foreign students who come to Barcelona temporarily. 

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Now that you have read all the information: Are you ready to start your big adventure to come to Barcelona in 2021 for your studies? We will be happy to help you find suitable accommodation in the city. We look forward to seeing you!

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What are your academic plans for this year? 
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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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