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Ideas and tips to decorate your balcony

Photo by Daria in Pexels
Written by Daniella

A balcony can one of the most stunning part of an apartment. Although in winter, you cannot spend as much time there, it is certainly the best place to disconnect and relax, especially now during the Coronavirus quarantine in Barcelona. In small flats and city, balconies are sometimes the only place where you can enjoy the fresh air.

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Having a trendy breath-taking balcony is within everyone’s reach, you only require a little imagination and organizational skills and this even when it comes to decorating a small balcony.

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

In this ShBarcelona article, we share with you a few ideas on how to decorate your balcony that will help you turn the smallest of balcony into a beautiful, fun and cosy space.

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How to decorate a small balcony?

Many rental apartments in Barcelona have a small balcony. In general, in large cities it is difficult to find large balconies or terraces. That’s why it’s important to find some privacy in the decor of your balcony.

You can place hanging plants to make a curtain effect on the outside of the balcony, bamboo rods around the perimeter or look for other materials in the market in case it is open everywhere, such as military mesh or wicker fences.

Are you ready? Here are some ideas on how to transform your small balcony into a plant paradise.

Photo via Pexels

Photo via Pexels

Tips for decorating a balcony

1. Get foldable or stackable furniture: Don’t you have room? No problem. Using folding and stackable furniture will make it easier to organize your balcony. You can find tables, chairs and stools that can be neatly stored together if you search well!

2. Change it up with a vertical: It is the perfect solution to add a tropical touch without having to sacrifice too much space.

3. Take advantage of every corner: You didn’t realise corners were such great space! Try using corner furniture that allows to transform some normally wasted space into something stylish.

4. Go for hanging gadgets: Hooks are very useful to hang things on the wall and thus keeping your space tidy and organized. For example, if you have small foldable chairs, why not place them on side or below a table.

5. Furniture storage is a must: To make the most of a space, the best thing is furniture storage. In this way, it not only optimizes your balcony, but it keeps your things clean and organized.

Photo via Pexels

Photo via Pexels

In addition to these tips, we also invite you to consider the lighting of your balcony. Adding lights can really elevate your experience and the aesthetics of the terrace of balcony, especially in the evening. 

There are different ways you can illuminate your balcony, although a great and simple way is to use small beacons that usually charge with sunlight.

The final touch can be adding accessories and decorative elements that really personalize your balcony and makes it a unique and stylish place to be in. In Pinterest you may find some style inspiration to bring your balcony to the next level.

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Photo via Pexels

Home decoration stores in Barcelona

Now that we have given you great ideas on how to decorate your balcony, we share with you where you can buy everything that you’ll need to make your project come to life. In Barcelona, there are many home décor stores where you will find everything from outdoor furniture to materials as well as instruments and all kinds of decorations.

There are many stores such as: IKEA, Leroy Merlin, Casa Viva or Maisons du Monde (you can buy online).

Haven’t started decorating your balcony yet? These tips will definitely come in handy when you take the leap and start as it is not the same as redecorating your house.

Now it’s time to be creative and impress your family with your stunning balcony!

Can you think of more ideas for decorating a small balcony?

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