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Living in Barcelona Has Never Been Easier

Living in Barcelona Has Never Been Easier.doc
Written by Enrique

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Moving from one country to the next can be an absolute nightmare. Packing and moving everything around is exhausting, yet no one is going to do it for you. Luckily moving to Barcelona has never been easier. With hundreds of locations available throughout the city is almost impossible to not find a place to live. The only factor to consider now is the date you will become part of this amazing city.

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Amazing Districts

Barcelona has several districts around the city. It is important to see which areas you like the most so that you can fully experience the city and what it has to offer. Remember that you will find similar or very different attributes depending on the area that you decided to reside in. Another aspect to take into consideration is the how close you want to live to certain monuments or parks. This will definitely set a clear distinction of the areas, which will make the elimination process a lot easier.diagonal

One of the most up and coming areas of Barcelona is located along Av. Diagonal. This area has been undergoing some major renovations. Some locals and foreigners even call it the Rodeo Drive of Barcelona. This major street has every designer store you can possibly imagine. From Dolce Gabbana to the Barcelona based Desigual you will find any desired article of clothing here. This area is also very convenient since it has metro stops all along the way, making extremely easy to hop on and hop off at any given moment.

La Gràcia

Another area that never disappoints is located in the Gràcia. This location definitely feels a lot more rustic with a lot more character. Personally, the Gràcia houses some of the best food and drinks in Barcelona. The authentic feel of the city can definitely be perceived all throughout the district. Though this district has some shopping centers, it really tries to focus and support family owned stores.  If food and culture immersion is what you desire this folkloric little town will steal your heart right away.

One more perfectly situated living arrangement is located in Valencia. This district is nearby a lot of eye catching architecture as well as some really scenic places. This area is also highly recommendable since areas nearby are a must-see here in Barcelona. This location also offers a vast variety of goodies in terms of food, shopping and sightseeing. Wither either choice being a great choice, living in a poor situation will fall entirely on your hands.

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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