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Low-Effort Kitchen Renovation Techniques

Written by Laura

Home renovations don’t only need to happen when things need to be fixed. Sometimes updates are necessary, but on many occasions, simply making aesthetic changes can greatly improve the environment of your home. A kitchen is one example of a space where renovations can make a major difference, but they suck a lot of time and money in the process. It’s not always the right time to invest a large amount of money into renovations, especially in an important space like the kitchen that will be out of commission while your repairs are taking place. So, if you want to renovate your kitchen but don’t want to designate a huge budget towards the project, ShBarcelona is here to tell you some easy ways to change up your kitchen without creating a huge renovation project.

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The uncomplicated way to a new kitchen

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If there’s one thing that clearly sets the tone of your kitchen, it’s your tiles. If your kitchen has dirty and outdated tiles, the simplest and fastest solution is to paint them with special tile paint. If your kitchen is small, the best thing to do is choose a light color that will bring light into the space. Another option is to use wall laminates, which are similar to what you put on the floor and aren’t too complicated to use. In addition, you can choose different finishes according to your preferences. The central areas of the kitchen are likely to be the most worn out, so you don’t want to paint or reline your entire kitchen, you can just do it in this area. Be sure to choose a sturdy material that will resist humidity and grease. There are vinyl liners that work quite well, and to install them you just need a cutter and bit of skill. One change that requires a bit more of an investment but makes a huge difference is replacing your countertops. If your old countertops are damaged, change them out for a more resistant material. It’s a small change that will make it feel like a whole new kitchen.

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Photo via Pixabay

Hopefully your cabinets are still working fine, but if they look worn out and faded or the style isn’t up to your standards anymore, you can paint them as well. It’s a laborious process, but if you do it with patience and the right amount and type of paint, they’ll shine like new. If you prefer a faster change, you can simply swap out your current handles or knobs for ones that you like better; this small detail is a great way to change up the style of your kitchen. If your budget allows for it, you can change out your kitchen electronics for newer ones to add more functions to your kitchen as well as more of a refined air to the space. Sometimes it can feel like you don’t have room for anything new in your kitchen, especially if your cabinets are small, but one easy fix for this is to evaluate the tools and items you have in your kitchen and decide how many of them you actually use. If you do a deep clean-out, you’re sure to wind up with far less unnecessary items than you had before, giving you space for things you actually need. Another change that can make a huge difference in your kitchen atmosphere but takes little effort is making sure it has good lighting. Thinking about where to put good points of light and changing out lamps is a good place to start. Lastly, something that will make a huge difference is your flooring. Nowadays, there’s no need to take apart and the floor and replace it with a newer option; just like with walls, there are fantastic laminates that are water-resistant and perfect for kitchens. Choose the one you like the best and install it yourself if you like.

Are you wanting to make some changes to your kitchen?

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