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Utility Charges and Internet

Written by Laura

Housing: predicting the cost of utilites (water, gas and electricity) and Internet
In most cases, moving to another country or city for a period of time anticipates huge changes and challenges, across all cultures. You will discover different lifestyles, different customs related to time, food, language, social norms. Each country has its own rules and Barcelona is no exception. ShBarcelona will keep you informed and specify the most important customs to know and respect.
In general you will see that in any city, there will be differences in prices and the cost of living. Some prejudices give the idea that the cost of living in Barcelona is low; however, Barcelona is one of the country´s most expensive cities. The cost of living is high and above all, the cost of additional charges to the price of monthly rent.

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Water, gas and electricity
When you move to Barcelona, you should keep in mind that basic living costs, like water, gas and electricity can be more expensive than in your home city.
In fact, for water, the quantity of the bill is a fixed price according to the number of water outputs. For example, in a house with a refrigerator, washer, shower and toilet, you have to account for a fixed quantity of 6.77€ in respect to the managing service. With this, you must add the rate of 0,6189 €/m 3 , if the consumption does not exceed the 6m3 per month. Consider that a person consumes around 148 liters of water daily, which results in a bill of 9.56€ at the end of the month.
Water is distributed by Aigües de Barcelona. Keep in mind that although the tap water in Barcelona is drinkable, it sometimes has a particular smell and taste. Residents customarily drink mineral water instead.
With gas, you have to account for at least 0.050183€/kWh, with which you have to add a fixed amount of 3.98€ per month. A person consumes approximately 167 kWh of gas per month, which anticipates a bill of 12.34€ per person per month.
With electricity, the price is 0.11535€/kWh. One person consumes around 476.75kWh of electricity per month, resulting in 54.99€ per person per month.

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In what we refer to as Internet and cell phone communication, the rates offered are similarly high. In fact, for high-speed Internet access, you have to calculate at least 40€ per month with traditional phone companies (Vodafone, Orange, Movistar…). However, lower-cost operators do exist (Lowi, Pepephone, Tuenti, etc…). With these, you benefit from the same offer at half the price, although these offers are only available via subscription and online service.
Similarly, the price of cell phone plans vary between 12 – 50€, according to the offer and operator.

Our advice

ShBarcelona created a cost living calculator, you can calculate your own monthly cost living in Barcelona by clicking directly on this link. In addition to calculate your monthly budget, you can check the average prices listing of daily products like food, clothing, museums, utilities, housing by district, etc.

In order to properly anticipate the costs of water, electricity and gas, we recommend that you calculate the following prices: for one person, monthly charges will be around 75€; for two people, 120€; for three people, 160€ and finally for four people or more you will have to pay at least 220€. However, these rates are based on the past usage observed in our tenants from 2017/2018.
On the other hand, you can check rates offered by local companies in real time by clicking directly on the following:

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