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The Best Audiobook Apps

Written by Laura

Reading a good book is an extraordinary thing – it can distract you from your problems and your daily life and transport you to a new, exciting and enlightened world. People who love books also use it to distract themselves from their average daily routines so they can relax and simply engage with the story in front of them. However, sometimes you can only really commit to reading on the way to and from work, the time where thousands of other people take advantage of the opportunity to read the novel they are tangled up in or to review a book for school. However, now technology makes enjoying books easier for those that want to be able to engage in a story without physically reading it. Maybe you try to distract yourself when running but get tired of listening to music, or get bored doing your homework just inside the house, or love to read but get nauseous reading on the bus. Whether you find yourself in these or similar situations, now it’s possible to listen to books from a narrator as if they’re a storyteller and to get through your homework readings without getting distracted. In this article from ShBarcelona, we present to you the best audiobook apps on the market.

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Audiobooks – the reading trend that makes life easier

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The first option we suggest comes from the hands of mega company Amazon. Along with its platform for book publishing, ideal for novice writers who want to promote their first books, they have an app available via Google Play for Android that is dedicated to audiobooks. Audible is an app that allows you to listen to books of all genres, as well as, of course, all the latest and hottest releases. Audible chooses some of the best narrators to bring stories to life, something that is very important for this type of platform when the quality of a voice can powerfully affect the emotion of a story.

The next option is geared towards students as much as it is to general lovers of learning –  it’s called OverDrive, an app available for both Android and iOS on your cell phone library. OverDrive allows you to rent electronic books, audiobooks and videos through automatic streaming, and return everything easily and automatically as well. More than 30,000 libraries around the world collaborate with the app to offer their works. In order to use it, you need to have a library card with one of the participating libraries. The books you can access on the app are the same options as what the library itself has, but you can also suggest titles for them to add to their collection. There is also a virtual waitlist where you can request books or works to listen to once they become available.

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Lastly, we present an audiobook app designed for lovers of Spanish classics. You can listen to Cervantes, Góngora, Pío Baroja, Bécquer, and more. The platform includes prose as well as poetry collections. It takes up little space, as it only has around 200 audiobooks available to listen to, but each month it adds another 10 works. This app is free and allows you to download books to listen to without using any phone data. This app is called Audiolibros: Clásicos en español and is available for Android.

Have you used any of these audiobook applications?

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