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Where to Buy and Sell Affordable Books in Barcelona

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Written by Paula

Are you an avid reader but don’t have space in your house for many books? Or perhaps you are on a budget and can’t afford to buy as much as you’d like to read? Then exploring the city’s second-hand book stores may just be the solution for you. Most second-hand book stores in Barcelona purchase books.

But don’t fool yourself into thinking you will come out a rich person after having sold that book collection that was gathering dust in your shelf. The value that you will receive for them is usually not very high, with some stores paying more than others for each book. Today’s article by ShBarcelona shares a few book stores for buying and selling books.

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Where to buy/sell affordable books in Barcelona

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Photo by LubosHouska via Pixabay

La Retrobada

La Retrobada is a second-hand book store founded by Noelia Martínez  Acosta and Marina Santaeugènia Costa. The store sells a variety of books in different languages, focusing mainly on Spanish or Catalan books. If you have books you are looking to get rid of, La Retrobada will gladly receive them as a donation.

If you prefer to sell them, La Retrobada will pay you 0,50€ per each. You can consult La Retrobada’s book list at, or visit the store in person at Carrer Marià Aguiló, 124 bis in the neighbourhood of Poblenou. The store is open from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4:30 pm to 8 pm.

Hibernian Books

Hibernian Books is one of the best stores you can go to in order to sell your books. Depending on the state of the book and how rare or common it is, you can receive anything from 0,25€ to a couple of euros.

The store takes books in any language except Spanish and Catalan. Hibernian Books is most famous for its wide offer of second-hand English books. You can find this exciting book store at Carrer Montseny, 17 in the neighbourhood of Vila de Gracia.

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books in the window

Photo by LUM3N via Pixabay


Re-Read is a chain of second-hand bookstores in Barcelona. It also focuses on Spanish and Catalan books, but you can usually find a small selection of foreign books. Prices at Re-Read are easy enough to remember: one book costs 3€, two books cost 5€, and five books cost 10€.

As for the value you will receive for your books, it is even lower than what is offered at La Retrobada. All books are bought for 0,20€. You can search for specific books at Re-Read’s website or visit one of their stores.

What is your favourite book store for buying or selling books?

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