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Barcelona, did I Hear Beach Party?

Did I Hear Beach Party?
Written by Enrique

das beachThe soft sand running through your toes while letting your skin bask under the sun, has to be one of the best sensations that you can experience here in Barcelona. The beaches of this beautiful city are inarguably drop dead gorgeous. To top it off, the killer view of the Mediterranean Sea is seriously breath taking year round. Well, I hope you guys are ready for some good news, three words, summer is here. It is about to be shorts and tank up season again and this year, summer will be full of surprises.


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Beach Party?

Barcelona parties hard. Anyone that was visited “beach row” can testify that this scene will knock the living socks right off you. These clubs are located right on Barceloneta, and each of their backyards over looks the entire beach. Though these clubs are awesome to party year round, the best beach party only comes around once a year. I am definitely and specifically referring to Barcelona Beach Festival. This year, this Festival will change the life of many people. Not only will this amazing event will be held at the beach, but it will host some of the best DJs in world today.bbf

This event has always delivered the most incredible, most insane, most radical mixes that have been spun on mortal turntables yet. If you don’t believe me wait until you experience for yourself. The concert will truly prove to be a once in a lifetime event on its own. It does not matter if you are a concert enthusiast or not, it is guaranteed that if you attend you will have as much fun as if you were a kid again.

Beyond The Music

The song everyone has been waiting for begins to play. The stage is dramatically illuminated to heighten the crowd’s senses. The crowd slowly but firmly begins to chant the DJs name. Like a triumphant hero from the gladiator areas, the DJ moves instinctively staring at its prey. We know that at any given moment the show will begin. The DJs heart beat slows down, his pupils dilate due to the adrenaline and his palms and forehead begin to sweat. Confidently the DJ admires his fans and welcomes those that will convert that night. He then glances at the rotating disks for a second. He looks up again and with the flick of the wrist the crowd goes wild. Welcome to Barcelona.


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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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