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BioRitme Festival in Vilanova de Sau

Written by Miguel

Mark it on your calendar, set it on your GPS – this August, from 22 to 25, the place to be is Vilanova de Sau, the northeastern Catalan town where the 4th edition of BioRitme Festival will take place. More than a music event, BioRitme is a festival with an activist conscience. With values based on the pursuit of a better world, it focuses on ecology as a way to start making a difference right now. BioRitme seeks to be the point where nature and culture intersect, offering music in a green environment and a BioMarket where you’ll be able to find both 100% biological products and plenty of local arts & crafts. ShBarcelona loves to tell you more about this interesting festival.

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Activities and concert schedule

Photo by Lima Pix via / CC BY

Photo by Lima Pix via VisualHunt

Remember that music is just a part of what BioRitme Festival has to offer you. For 4 days, you will never run out of things to do – you’ll be able attend a workshop, get a massage, go canoeing, watch a theatre play or take a dive in the swimming pool. But it does have music too, pretty cool music in fact, with fresh, mostly local young bands, eager to share their songs with you and get you dancing and jumping and singing along. With the dominant genres being reggae, ska and punk, BioRitme Festival will feature, among others, SFDK, Zep & Friends, Tribade, Mafalda, The Skarnivals, MP Crew, Don Fe, Jah Wind and DJ Magenta. You can check the many other artists in their full programme on the website.

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More info

Photo by musubk via / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo by musubk via Visualhunt

Accommodation In the natural environment of Pantà Sau (Sau Reservoir), in Vilanova de Sau, there will be three different camping areas – one for families, one for people over 25 years old and there is also one general camping area. Each will be equipped with WC’s and showers, a kitchen, a swimming pool, a chill-out area, parking spaces and a 24-hour medical facility.

How to get there Getting from Barcelona to the Sau Reservoir can take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the transportation method you choose (with taking your own or a rental car being the fastest). Take a look at the map, check your options and plan the trip that suits you best.

Tickets At the time this article was written, the only package available was a 4-day pass (with camping included) for 73€, available for a limited time-period. Please visit the festival’s official ticket page to check all options and prices available to you.

That’s it! BioRitme Festival is cool festival held in a beautiful place, so if you go, we’re sure you’re going to have a lot of fun, so don’t miss it!

Have you ever been to BioRitme Festival? Any advice?

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