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Best Apps to Buy Used Stuff or Sell Secondhand Items

Written by Brian S

Whether you are moving into or moving out of Barcelona, it’s not necessary to buy new things or throw old ones away. It’s often better and cheaper to buy used, good-quality items or even try to sell a few for some quick cash.

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Instead of relying on websites like Craigslist, where things can be sketchy, there are a few apps available out there that make it a bit easier buy and put things up for sale. Read on to learn about a few of these apps.

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What are the best apps to buy stuff or sell used items?


The predecessor  of Milanuncios was Segundamano – which is Spanish for secondhand – and as its name suggests, this website was all about buying and selling secondhand goods.

From its foundation in Mexico, it has come across the Atlantic to Barcelona. It was then taken over by Vibbo, and now it’s Milanuncios.

used stuff for sale

Photo via Pexels

On Milanuncios, you can find thousands of things on sale, or put up a free and easy to use digital classified ad. On the new Android-based app, you can buy and sell without any middle-men help in multiple categories. 

There are vehicles, computers, video games, home appliances, clothing, and much more. For those who are selling, take a couple of pictures, write a description, and put it up for sale.

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Produced in Barcelona, Wallapop is a huge favorite for the buying and selling of books, DVDs, clothing, and other necessities. It is like a local yard sale on the phone.

tablet with apps

Photo via Pixabay

Simply select where you live and look for the nearest seller or seeker who may just be a few blocks away. Once you find what you want to buy or sell, simply meet up and exchange.

It really is that easy. Wallapop is free for Android devices (4.0+) and iPhones and is used by over ten million people worldwide.

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LetGo is another free Barcelona-based app that lets people buy and sell goods with customized ads to be shared on all social media platforms. It has also risen as an alternative use for finding used items.

It’s super fast, and an item can be posted in just seconds. It also has an image recognition feature to name and tag the items automatically. Letgo shows great deals within the area for anything specific, and users can chat with others instantly. It is a growing app trend in Barcelona.

phone with apps and cash

Photo via Pixabay

Sometimes, secondhand is better than brand new. Secondhand items can often still be functional, sturdy, and, of course, more affordable. People should not always go for new unless it’s desperately needed.

Everyone has something used they don’t need anymore. Instead of dumping it, why not sell it? There is always a buyer. Check out these apps and find what you need for cheap right around the corner from home.

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What is your favourite used stuff app when living in Catalonia?
Or do you go online for secondhands in Barcelona? 
Share your tips and tricks!

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Brian S

Brian Susbielles is a freelance writer who loves global politics, foreign movies, and Led Zeppelin


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