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Lindy Hop in Barcelona

Written by Diana

Do you like to feel happiness flowing through your veins while dancing at the sound of a Big Band? The feeling of looking around in a ballroom and seeing a smile on every single face. That is the spirit of Lindy Hop, a dance style born between 1920 and 1930 that brought Charleston, Tap Dance and Breakaway together.

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Photo by tranchis via / CC BY-NC-SA.

Photo by tranchis via VisualHunt

Initiated in the Harlem neighborhood, in the United States of America, Lindy Hop was – and still is – danced to the sound of swing music and jazz Big Bands. It first jumped to the big screen in 1941 with the movie Hellzapoppin’, which presented Lindy Hop‘s acrobatic side, with many of its aerial moves. However, it is possible to find it in more recent films, such as Malcom X (1992).

Nowadays, Lindy Hop is facing a boom with communities and schools dedicated to it blossoming all over the world. There is even a World Lindy Hop Day, celebrated every year on 26th of May. In Barcelona, the community is big and very active. If you are moving in, get to know some of the places where you can meet other Lindy Hoppers and where you can learn this super fun dance style.

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Spank the Baby

This school teaches Lindy Hop, Charleston and Jazz for those who are crazy about reviving the roaring 20s. Every Friday and Saturday after 10 pm they organize a Dance Jam, in Raval. The entrance is free until 10:30 pm.

Where: Carrer de Vistalegre, 18

Associació Ballaswing

Photo by Elvert Barnes via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

Photo by Elvert Barnes via Visualhunt

This school teaches several dance styles, all of them related with Lindy Hop and Jazz. Every Sunday, from 7 pm to 12 pm, they organize a jam session at Club Sants Belluga, open to whoever’s “got that swing”.

Where: C/ Bassegoda, 1

Swing Cats

The cool Cat in Town is here to teach you Lindy Hop, but also Swing Solo and other dance styles like Tap Dance. And to relax a little bit from your fast Lindy Hop dancing classes, Swing Cats also offer Yoga sessions.

Where: Carrer de Torrijos, 70 

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Diana is a writer with a Master degree in Marketing and a degree in Sciences of Communication.

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