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Where to buy the best tea in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

We could say that the world is divided into those who appreciate a cup of tea when it is of good quality and those who don’t appreciate it. Although it may seem a bit elitist, only if we have refined palate and we have used to make good tea, we can differentiate poor quality from good quality. For those who belong to the first group, ShBarcelona want to commit to providing the information they need to find the best tea in Barcelona in various shops in the city. In addition, people working in these stores are usually tea fans that will share their recommendations and advice with you if you require.

caj-chaiCaj Chai: this place is a tea shop and tearoom open since 2004, specializing in the import, sale and purchase of tea, as well as handcrafted accessories. They are dedicated to the dissemination of tea culture through workshops, tea tastings and courses, a specialized space inspired in tea rooms from Prague. If you want to share your passion for tea or learn about this ancient tradition, Caj Chai is your place (C/ Sant Domènec del Call, 12).

tea-shopTea Shop: despite being a franchise and own shops in Spain and Portugal, in the Tea Shop’s you can find in the city of Barcelona will serve and sell tea like you’re in a little store. The best varieties and accessories within the market will be found on the shelves of its stores, with the best quality guaranteed also in exclusive blends developed by its own experts (See all shops in Barcelona).

Sien-Té:  at this shop and tea room you will find a wide selection of the best varieties of tea, spices and jams for a full tasting of this ancient drink, or to take your favorite samples of it. In addition they offer the possibility of making your own pack of “tea lover” for your consumption or to give away (C/ Rogent, 96).

bebeteBebe-Té: You can already find two Bebe-Te stores in Barcelona, one in Horta and the other in the Parlament Street in the city center. Here you have tea of the highest quality at the best price, pure, flavored or in bags with the internationally renowned brands such as Revolution Tea, Harney and Sons or Whittard of Chelsea. They want to share their passion for tea with all its customers, check it out! Oh, they also sell online… (C/ Maestre Serradesanferm, 3 – C/ Parlament, 7).

tetereTetere: This shop and tea room invite you to choose the best tea, but also let you wrap by the philosophy of its owners, JingJing Yuan and Ambròs Genis. To respect the ancient tradition of tea, its staff travels every year to plantations to exchange views with the people who work and perform training in relation to this culture. No doubt they know what they sell and could give you some good advise (C/ Zaragoza, 113).

caelumCaelum: although they are not specialized in teas, it’s worth going to try their sweet treats in the old Jewish quarter of Barcelona (Jewish Call) made by nuns and monks from Spanish monasteries and convents. They have a wide variety of teas in a warm atmosphere between stone walls that exude history. In the basement you’ll find a crypt which occupies a former medieval bathrooms (C/ de la Palla, 8).

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