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Business events in Barcelona

Written by Thomas

As Barcelona’s startup scene grows, so does its events scene for entrepreneurs. Following on from our recent overview of the resources for social events for entrepreneurs, today at ShBarcelona we focus firmly on professional events.

A great place to start is Startup Digest, whose monthly calendar covers all the major professional events for startups in Barcelona. If you’d prefer your diary in the form of a weekly update newsletter, both Barcinno and Itnig offer an excellent service. They also provide regular updates on major startup events in the city on their websites.

LinkedIn is another good resource for business events in Barcelona. The Barcelona Connection business discussion group is a good example of what can be found there. It covers various topics for entrepreneurs, including upcoming events.

The non-profit startup community Barcelona.IO is an excellent resource for startup news. They regularly highlight events for the startup community on their website.

One of the most popular international events for entrepreneurs is Startup Weekend, which sporadically holds three-day events in Barcelona that are always publicised online well in advance.

For more general business events, Barcelona Yellow provides a useful calendar of business trade fairs and exhibitions, including many of interest to entrepreneursFor startup related event you may want to check the BIS Barcelona Internet Startups meetup community. For a calendar of conferences and events for businesses in Barcelona, Lanyrd are also worth visiting. If you’d prefer an agenda and newsletter of upcoming events focused on tech, bcnin (the Barcelona International Network) provides an excellent service.

Continuing with the tech them, many events for entrepreneurs focused on tech can be found at Foundum. The Barcelona Tech Network also organises and publicizes regular tech events, both social and professional. TechCocktail, meanwhile, host regular tech networking and industry events. If you’re interested in events with an emphasis on mobile technology, the Mobile World Centre provides many events for mobile startups.

Tickets for many of the major upcoming events for startups in Barcelona can be booked through Eventbrite.

If all this is a bit much to take in, fear not. Coming soon to ShBarcelona is a regular round-up of upcoming events for entrepreneurs in Barcelona for our readers. Visitors to ShBarcelona interested in attending these events may also be looking to rent a flat in BarcelonaShBarcelona is the market leader in monthly Barcelona apartment rentals and a great place to start the search for your dream Barcelona apartment.

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Thomas is a freelance journalist living in Barcelona. He writes about business, travel, film and sports.

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