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How to find weekend work in Barcelona

Written by Sophie H

If you’re in Barcelona as a student or simply here for a few months to explore and learn about this beautiful city, then a weekend job could be the perfect answer to help fund your time here. There are plenty of weekend jobs to be found if you know where to look! Of course, if you speak Spanish or Catalan it will inevitably be much easier to find work. However, if you have a fluent or even simply a high level of English there are many options out there, particularly during the summer months, when the city becomes a hub of tourists and most of the locals go out of town. Read on for ShBarcelona’s ultimate guide to finding weekend work in Barcelona.


Photo via Unsplash

This is a fantastic online option, particularly if you are looking for a student job or post-graduate job. Studentjobs lists both part-time and full-time roles at various companies in the city. Plus, the site also has a number of paid internship options if you’re looking to get some short-term work experience. What’s great about StudentJobs is that it helps you to contact both local and international companies directly so you can build useful work contacts, as well as earning some extra money while you are studying.


With over 5 million users worldwide and 200 employees, InfoJobs is one of the leading websites you should use to help look for a weekend job in the city. Simply type ‘weekend’ or ‘part-time’ into the keyword search box and the site will retrieve an incredible number of weekend job vacancies. You can even filter your search by the exact area in Barcelona you are looking to work in, so it couldn’t be any easier to find a role that is convenient for you! Other sites that may also be worth checking out are Infoempleo, Jobrapido and Primerempleo.

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Become an au-pair or babysitter

Another way that’s always popular as a short-term or part-term role is to take on a weekend au-pairing, babysitting or housekeeping. Many parents here want their children to master English, so being fluent will really help you secure a job if you can also help teach their children the language. Au-pairing, which usually involves living with a family, looking after the children, doing the housework and cooking for the children, is a particularly popular job option with students as it provides them with somewhere to live, with good pay and flexible hours. You can find these kinds of jobs on social media, through word of mouth, or posted in the streets.


If you fancy being a bit entrepreneurial and have a skill you want to share – from teaching yoga, to leading a guided hike or tour around the city or hosting a cooking class, using the online platform Meetup you can create your own events at the weekend and create your own weekend job! Simply create the event on by choosing your city, selecting the topics your event will cover, choose a name for your group and write a brief description about what you will offer, the price, date and time and then away you go!

Work in hospitality

The summer is one of the best times of year to find a weekend bar or hospitality job. Having fluent English (and previous experience) will prove helpful when securing a job as most restaurants and bars will be packed with tourists for the summer who will need you to speak English. Check out Turijobs which regularly posts new hospitality vacancies in the city. Otherwise, handing out your CV and talking to restaurant and bar owners is the best way to get work.

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Join a co-working space

Photo via unsplash

Joining a co-working centre to do your studies may be really useful in your quest to finding a weekend job. Many of these centers often attract a predominantly English-speaking community, all living and working in the city, who may know of someone looking for some weekend help for their business or may be able to suggest other ways you might be able to find a weekend role that you hadn’t previously thought of!


Do not underestimate the power of meeting people face-to-face and networking when it comes to finding a weekend job – or any kind of job in the city! Use your social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to connect with companies and like-minded people in Barcelona and look for vacancies; Facebook groups like “Barcelona Expats” often post job opportunities. There are many English speaking and international communities and networks in Barcelona and you can connect with them via meetups happening in the city as well as just being sociable and open to speak to new people when you are out and about!

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About the author

Sophie H

Sophie is a native English freelance writer, PR consultant, personal trainer and yoga teacher / therapist living and loving life in Barcelona.


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