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Notaries in Barcelona

Every now and then important events in our lives occur. When this happens, we need someone for advise and for legal support, because many times we can not handle certain legal issues ourselves. Circumstances, such as divorce, marriage, an inheritance or will, require a notary for formalization. Notaries are administrative authority figures that are essential during a legal process and they must be present at important life moments, such as when buying or selling a property. If you looking for a notary in the city, ShBarcelona will tell you more about some of the notaries in Barcelona and the services they provide.

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A few notaries and their services

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The notary is the person that can provide you with complete, unbiased advice, and he or she can inform you on the best way to successfully achieve your objectives within the framework of civil, commercial, administrative and fiscal law. It is important that you are able to go to a notary of your free choice, as from the first moment of negotiations taking place. Do not sign any type of private agreement prior to the public deed, without first consulting with your notary. It is important to discuss your doubts and concerns about any issue related to the further processing of the deed, for instance with taxes, registration, inheritance, or any other legal procedure that must be formalized. If you decide at that moment that you do not want to proceed, or you do no longer want to carry out what you had planned, the notary should not charge you for that consultation. The notary is obliged to legally advise, interpret, configure and authenticate the will of all parties in accordance with the law, and especially the ones most in need of protection (Article 147 of the Reglamento Notarial). As a public official, the notary will subject any document, declaration or act that an individual requests to strict laws and regulations, and he or she will verify that procedures demanded for by all parties meet the requirements of the legal system. This assessment by the notary gives you the guarantee and security, that your contract or business is conclusive and completely legal.

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Photo via Pixabay

Sooner or later, everyone needs to go to a notary to have some important paperwork done. The purchase of real estate, marriage agreements, wills, starting a business or getting a mortgage are just some of the notary services offered by these professionals. Getting married before a notary is even one of the most requested procedures since 2015, so that is why we will share a few options, if you are interested in finding a notary in the Catalan capital. First of all there is the Colegio Notarial de Cataluña, located at Carrer Notariat, 5. This center has a service desk that takes away any doubts a company or individual might have, or it can give you any information related to notary services. The next recommendation is Notaría Agustín Casado, located at Avinguda Diagonal, 538, 2nd floor. You can get advise on any legality issue you might need help with. Finally there is also Notaría Alonso Rodríguez, in the neighborhood of Les Corts, specifically at Travesera de Les Corts 222, mezzanine.

Which notary can you recommend in Barcelona?

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