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Discover the Mexican culture in Barcelona

Written by Christine

If the only things that come to mind when you think of Mexican culture are tacos and tequila then you have so much more to discover about what makes this culture vibrant and unique. Here in Barcelona you can experience a little bit of Mexico by sampling a bit of the food, music, and art and learn what makes this culture so distinct. Read on to learn where you can experience Mexican culture in Barcelona.

Mexican restaurants

Photo via Pixabay

One of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Barcelona is El Último Agave, where you will feel like you’ve been transported straight to Mexico when you are greeted by bright colors and exotic smells. Taste some typical dishes like enchiladas, fajitas, and burritos washed down with a delicious margarita or imported beer. For a great deal, head on over during the week for lunch and pay only €9.50 for the menú del día which includes two courses, dessert, and a drink. Another great restaurant is Rosa del Raval which is known for their margaritas, mojitos, and other cocktails for as little as €3.90. Pair your drink with a classic Mexican dish off the menu and you’re in for a special treat!

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Where to buy products

To buy Mexican goods and products in Barcelona your first stop should be Abarrotes Doña Cuca, a gourmet supermarket that specializes in imports from south of the border. Located a stone’s throw away from the Sagrada Família, this store sells everything you need to recreate an authentic Mexican meal from your own kitchen, including imported beer and tequila. You can also hop on over to LatinCor El Superlatino where you can find not only Mexican products but products from all over South and Central America. This Latin supermarket carries fresh cheeses, spicy salsas, and homemade tortillas, just to name a few things. You can shop online or at the store, which is also located very close to Sagrada Família.

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Experience the culture

Photo via Pixabay

To learn more about Mexican culture by meeting Mexican expats in Barcelona, you should join InterNations which is a free group to connect with members of the Mexican community. You can ask members their opinions about where to get the best Mexican food, hear the best music, and buy the best products. Also, during the Festa Mercè in Poble Espanyol, is Barcelona Vive México, a fair that celebrates all aspects of Mexican culture. Taste, smell and hear the vibrancy of this culture, learn traditional dances, and watch a Mexican wrestling match! These are just a few of the activities you can take part in during this yearly festival. Mexican culture has its place in Barcelona if you know where to look, so get out there and explore all that it has to explore.

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Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!

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