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Best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

They say the best Mexican food is served in Mexico and many restaurants that claim to serve local dishes from that country are imitators with bad recipes. But it is possible to find authentic Mexican cuisine in some restaurants, usually those that are owned by people of  Mexican origins.

If you have an uncontrollable craving for fajitas, beans, guacamole, a good pozole, some filled chiles, some mole, quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas, tamales, and a “Coronita”, then check out our list of best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona.


Photo via Pixabay

Those who have eaten at Tlaxcal say it serves the most authentic Mexican food you can find in Barcelona. The tacos are the best dish at Tlaxcal, but you can also opt for a pastor with trompo and pineapple, suadero, meats, barbecues, etc. All the food is prepared with dedication by a Mexican family.

Address: Carrer del Comerç, 27

Working hours: From Monday to Friday it opens from 1 pm to 4 pm for lunch and then from 8 pm to 12 am for dinner. On the weekends it does not close after 4 pm, remaining open directly until 12 am.

El Mexicano de Barcelona

El Mexicano de Barcelona transports you all the way to Mexico through taste, with dishes like nachos with guacamole, chile en nogada, antojitos, fajitas, and enchiladas. The restaurant, which is located very close to Hospital Clínic, offers food which is prepared by a native Mexican chef, someone who knows the Mexican cuisine deeply.

Address: Carrer de Villarroel, 233

Working hours: From Tuesday to Saturday from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, and then from 8:30 pm to 12 am. The restaurant is also open on Mondays but only until 4:30 pm.

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Photo via Pixabay

According to their website, the intention of Chihuaha is to merge art and food, offering visitors the opportunity to see the landscape from a different perspective and feel wrapped in the air of a distant Mexican village. Its unique inverted decor with a desert in the ceiling of the building makes this place truly something special and is guaranteed to make your dining experience more amusing.

Address: Passeig de Maragall, 107

Working hours: Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:30 pm to 12 am, and then the rest of the week and weekend from 1:30 pm to 4 pm and from 8:30 pm to 12 am.

Che Burritos

Located in the Sarrià neighborhood, Che Burritos offers great food and excellent customer service. Here you will be able to choose from hamburgers, empanadas, bocadillos, quesadillas, and of course, their famous burritos. You can have burritos with chicken or meat (or both), with bell peppers, cheese, onions, and guacamole. If you are a vegetarian, the meat in your burrito will be replaced by corn, lettuce, tomato, and a hard-boiled egg.

Address: Passeig de Sant Joan Bosco, 43

Working hours: From Monday to Thursday from 7 am to 11 pm, remaining open one hour longer on Fridays. Saturdays the restaurant is open 24 hours, and Sundays it is open from 12 pm to 2 am.

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El Último Agave

Photo via Pixabay

This is a great restaurant to lift your spirits as its decoration is very colorful and exuberant. El Último Agave presents itself as a “taqueria-bar”, with sixteen years of experience on the market. At this restaurant, you can try the typical Mexican foods like nachos, chicken with chipotle sauce, fajitas, enchiladas, antojitos, tacos, melted cheeses, guacamole, and also delicious cocktails.

Address: Carrer d’Aragó, 193

Working hours: From 8 pm to 12 am every day of the week, remaining open one extra hour on Fridays and Saturdays.

El Rincón Maya

In this “rincón” at l’Eixample you can try some of the most delicious Yucatecan and Mayan elaborations, seasoned with a delicious margarita cocktail. The decor is unpretentious and doesn’t try to transport you to Mexico, as they put more emphasis on the preparation of the food.

Address: Carrer de València, 183

Working hours: From Tuesday to Friday from 1:30 pm to 4 pm, and from 8:30 pm to 12 am. On Sundays, the restaurant is closed and on Mondays, it is open only from 9 pm to 12 am.

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