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Primordial sound meditation, relieve the stress

Written by Emma

In our hectic and forever connected world it is important to take some time to experience the silence of your mind in an effort to connect with yourself, to break away and escape negative thoughts, stresses and emotions. Meditation allows the mind to relax into a state of consciousness that soothes the soul. It gives you a break to observe and appreciate all the content in your head without addressing it or absorbing the noise of it all, resulting in an experience of reflection rather than stress. The practice of meditation has been proven to result in a whole host of incredible benefits. Meditating can make you more intelligent, more creative, more efficient and experience a greater presence of positive emotions and general well-being, amongst much, much more. There are physical benefits too, it has been proven that during meditation blood pressure as well as stress hormone levels are reduced. All this considered, meditation is a beautifully simple way to improve many aspects of our modern lives.

What is primordial sound meditation?

Primordial sound meditation mandalaPrimordial sound meditation is a style of meditation that has been revitalised from ancient times and techniques. This style originated in India within the Vedic tradition, a tradition so old it contributed to the creation of Hiduism. What makes classical primordial sound meditation different to standard meditation is the focus. Many forms of meditation are breath-based, you focus on your breathing in order to reach another level of consciousness, primordial sound meditation on the other hand is mantra-based. A mantra is a sound, syllable or word which is meant to harness spiritual or psychological power. With primordial sound meditation you find your own personal mantra and repeat it silently to reach new, peaceful levels of awareness. To find your personal mantra a calculation is completed based on when and where you were born, the vibration of said mantra should transport you to a place of silence between thoughts, freeing you of the tensions of life. Primordial sound meditation, unlike guided meditation is focused on complete well-being rather than specific areas, and the practice takes place in complete silence, usually as an individual in a solitary environment.


Primordial sound meditation is again different to some other forms of meditation in terms of positioning. The focus of this meditation is comfort. You do not have to sit in a lotus or cross-legged stance, you can instead sit on a comfortable seat with outstretched legs, your feet on the ground, or whatever works best for you. Once you are in your preferred position, the process is simple. All you have to do is relax and repeat the primordial sound of your mantra in your head. The vibration of your mantra should lead you to the quiet space in your mind naturally. No religious practice is required; all you have to do is connect with yourself. During this process it is important not to concern yourself about having thoughts, as contrary to popular belief, thinking is a part of meditation. Allowing yourself to observe your thoughts in a space of quiet consciousness in turn allows you to release the stressors these thoughts come with.

The specific benefits of primordial sound meditation

Primordial sound meditation mantraPrimordial sound meditation is said to improve bodily functioning to maximum potential, on both a physical and psychological basis. These effects centre within the groups of health, happiness and effervescence, and are reportedly more beneficial on a psychological basis than a good night’s sleep, taking only a fraction of the time. The specific benefits of primordial sound meditation include; connection to one’s spirit and self, increased levels of inner peace and therefore happiness, reduced stress and anxiety, higher levels of intuition and improved sleeping patterns.

This surprisingly easy to get into style of meditation has overall benefits that cannot be denied. If you are looking for even something as small as a simple way to relax then primordial sound meditation is certainly worth a try, taking only 20 minutes of your time. No lessons are required and you can practice this soothing exercise in any quiet, peaceful environment – luckily, Barcelona has hundreds of them. If you want to help ease yourself into the technique of reaching the quiet space in your mind there are dozens of YouTube videos offering guidance and soundtracks to help you along your way.

What is your favourite way to relax and get in touch with yourself?

About the author


Emma is a psychology student and writer with an interest in art, travel, culture, food and wine.

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