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Photography Tours of Barcelona in different languages

Written by Christine

Barcelona draws in so many visitors every year, some as tourists and some who are drawn to the history and creativity of this beautiful city and end up staying longer and becoming expats. Barcelona has a rich history as being a home for many famous artists across all mediums, inspiring people to dive deep into their creative selves. If you’re a photography lover, then Barcelona is the city for you as you can get great shots of the city and surrounding landscapes and never get bored. For all of those photographers out there, you should check out a photography tour to see the best that Barcelona can offer.

Philipp Pawelka Photography

Photo via Pixabay

Philipp Pawelka is a photographer from Austria that has traveled all over the world to capture the best landscapes and scenes on earth. He is a professional whose best work is in capturing the natural world and showing the magic and colors that can be found in nature. That said, Pawelka offers photography services of all kinds like photo shoots, portraits, and prints. Most importantly, Pawelka offers personalized photography tours around Barcelona to help you not only see and learn about the city but to capture it through your lens as well.

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Photography tours

Going on a photography tour is an amazing way to see Barcelona from a different perspective: Behind a camera. Philipp Pawelka offers personalized photography tours, for one or two people max in which you will explore the city of Barcelona in a new and exciting way. Go off the beaten track where the tourists go and see the city with a local as your guide whose objective is to show you the best places to take photos. Barcelona has so many great spots for photographers, so Philipp will show you the most magical to leave you with incredible memories of the Ciudad Condal.

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The tour

Photo by Pixabay

Philipp Pawelka’s photography tour around Barcelona can be booked for one or two. This way, the tour stays personal and you can learn and see as much as possible. Tours can last anywhere from three to six hours and are customized to your interests and equipment. To book, you must send Philipp an email ahead of time to confirm a date, tell him what gear you have, and what you would like to photograph on your tour. He will then plan the tour to best suit you and your needs. This tour is available for all levels of photographers as you will learn tips from a professional along the way. If you’re interested in a tour, email Philipp Pawelka at today!

*Main photo by Kat Northern Lights Man via VisualHunt 

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