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International cuisine

Latin supermarkets in Barcelona

Written by Paula

One of the most exciting aspects of Barcelona, when it comes to gastronomy, is the fact that you can try food from almost any country in the world. With a population composed of an ever-growing number of immigrants, it is easy to find culinary items that come from abroad.

Being of Brazilian origin, I personally, deeply appreciate Latin food. I have been to a number of Latin restaurants in the city where I had the pleasure to taste delicious food which I then wanted to try and cook at home. This took me on a search of supermarkets and other types of stores where I could find the necessary ingredients to try to recreate some of the dishes I had experienced.

This is what I discovered.


supermarket barcelonaLatinCor is a supermarket that sells a large variety of Latin products and products from other foreign countries. There, you will find products from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Equador, Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Lithuania, United States of America, Poland, and Italy.

LatinCor has an official website where you can shop online, but I suggest you pay the supermarket a visit, so you can discover things you didn’t even know you were looking for.

LatinCor is located at Calle Corsega, 536.

Colmado Afrolatino

At Colmado Afrolatino you will find delicious products like cheese bread, bonbons, guava paste, guaraná, and a lifesize cardboard cutout of Brazilian soccer player Neymar, which is a delight to look at. At this supermarket you will find products from Chile, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico.

Colmado Afrolatino is located at Via Laietana, 9.

La Boqueria

supermarket barcelonaOk, so La Boqueria isn’t a Latin supermarket, but it does sell a number of Latin products like coconut milk, guaraná, and a variety of exotic fruits. Pay a visit to La Boqueria market and explore everything the market has to offer. The booths selling Latin products are usually located to the left, close to the entrance to the market.

La Boqueria market is located at Las Ramblas, 91.

Take the time to explore each of these wonderful locations and discover all the treasures they have to offer. I promise you won’t regret it!

About the author


Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.

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  • Thanks for this list. I find that there are many central/south american immigrants/expats in Barcelona and many products can be found in the small shops. For example my local little shop sells frozen choclo and fresh yucca and plantains as well as flour to make arepas.

    There is a group on facebook Ingredient Hunters Barcelona that you can join and ask and share where to get ingredients to make that recipe from the internet or the taste of home that you miss.

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