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Ideas to decorate your home while recycling

decorate your home while recycling
Written by Adriana

When you want to decorate your place, you can shop from thousands of stores items that you like and place them in an original way to feel comfortable in your own space, but you can also get some things that you no longer use to create new items or decorative objects. Probably the latter way to decorate your home will be more rewarding, as all that results from that will be unique, original and will have your personality. That will help you feel at home anywhere. If you stay in one of our rental apartments in ShBarcelona and you need to decorate any space, here are some ideas.

Fruit boxes (wooden or plastic): if you have at hand some fruit boxes, whetherreciclar decorar if they are made of wood or plastic, or if you can get them from a store, you’ll make a great shelf to put books, plants, boxes or other decorative objects. Fruit boxes can even be used to design a coffee table if you’re handy with this restoration and recycling objects.

Glass jars: having glass jars at home is very common, they can be reused and filled up with food to keep it fresh. But have you ever thought that may also be useful to decorate your house? Put candles inside with some coloured sand or stones, and put it on a shelf, on a table or hang it as a lamp.They will look really nice!

Food cans: in this case, metal food can require a bit more of work: Once the cans are very clean, scrape out the top of everything and will turn into a pencils container, as a pot, or as a decorative element if you hang it as the picture. We suggest you to apply your creativity here…
Vinyl Records:
old vinyl records that you no longer listens because you don’t have any device or even those old vinyl records you can buy in any flea market may be a decorative object wherever you put it and will turn heads when you have guests at home.


Plastic bottles: polluting plastic bottles can be exploited as decorative objects if you cut them in half, put some soil inside and plant some seeds to grow plants, placed both horizontally and vertically. They can also be used as a container or as an ashtray if you process it the right way.

As you see, everything is usable and can be converted into a decorative item for your home. Even some old shoes or books will do, you can plant a beautiful flower that will grow in your garden, on your balcony or your terrace. It’s about having enough originality and creativity to transform a supposedly useless thing into something beautiful.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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