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The Best Outdoor Plants For Your Terrace

Written by Brian S

A unique and special way to decorate is the use of terrace plants. In fact, a terrace without plants is like a garden without flowers, something is missing. For this reason, it is interesting to know what plants we can put on our terrace so that we can enjoy a cozy and refreshing place without having to worry too much about taking care of them. If you have a sunny terrace where the plants can sit under without harm, it is important to know what type of plants to put in so they can last long and resist the hottest months. For this reason, in ShBarcelona we are going to talk to you in this article about the best outdoor plants if your terrace is sunny so you can show off your terrace without worrying too much.

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Cacti: Resistant and Aesthetic

Photo via Pixabay

Although they are not popular because of their difficulty in handling them due to their thorns, some varieties of cactus are beautiful and can bring a touch of design and appeal to your terrace. Do not settle for only the green cactus, which thanks to its size and shape can be very aesthetic, but also on the varieties that bloom, providing a touch of color and a very beautiful and flattering contrast. Remember that you must water them very little since they are species that live in a desert (dry) climates. Another important thing when it comes to keeping them alive and beautiful is that the substrate of the cactus does not store water or moisture, as the specimen may rot. They are perfect to adapt to direct sunlight – as long as you keep your hands off the thorns.

Desert Rose

Photo credit: geoff.whalan on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

One of the plants most used to color and dress a sunny garden or terrace is the desert rose. Its name is due to the color of its flowers, an intense pink. (And yes, the name of a Sting song.) It is a very resistant plant that has the capacity to store water in its trunk, which makes it ideal for hot climates and sunny spaces. If you keep the plants, which are the heat and the sun, this plant will be grateful and bloom all year round, so you can enjoy its colorful flowers much of the time. They can grow in a pot that you will have to change as the plant grows.

Coconut Palm Tree

Photo credit: Terry Hassan on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

If you have space in your garden or a terrace with large enough planters, you can give a tropical touch to your outdoor space with a variety of palm trees perfect for arid and hot climates. Coconut palms are super resistant and hold what you throw at them hurricane winds or suffocating climates. Remember to place it in an area that does not retain moisture and water it often with little water. Another advantage is the wonderful shade it provides, so it is perfect to give the space a completely natural opaque zone.

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These trees and flowers are good to spruce up the area and make it attractive to others when going outside. For the very hot places, these can survive there under the sizzling sun. Consider these to add to your terrace.

Do you have a very sunny terrace? What plants do you have on the terrace?

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