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Most affordable brunches in Barcelona

Written by Jorgen Sikk

Barcelona is a bustling city and its people rarely stand still, this means that things like breakfast, dinner, and lunch are rarely had at home. It is sometimes had alone in noble solitude or shared with others, but frequently not at home. That means that if you want to feel like a Barcelonian you have to throw away the notion of toast and cereal at home and take to the streets, where you will find many quaint cafes and atmospheric restaurants. Here are some of our picks for your pleasure.

Bracafe Avinguda de Republica Argentina

Photo via Pixabay

In Barcelona, Bracafes are known for their excellent coffee, which they import from Brazil. Although Bracafe is a chain of coffee shops, they all have a different owner. There is one Bracafe in particular which stands out from the rest, the one in Avinguda de Republica Argentina because, besides the excellent coffee that they serve, they also offer a well-cooked breakfast and daily brunch meals. The owners Manel and Encarna are loved by their neighbors because of the affection and care they put into their trade. Be it croissants, tapas or anything else they serve, it will be of the best quality and offered at a decent price. This Bracafe is a great spot to have a quiet meal because, due to its location, it’s not easily found by tourists.

Location: Av República Argentina, 75

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“Shakshouka” is the only word you need to know to have a good meal at UGOT, as they prepare this Arabic dish exquisitely. Their reputation as one of the best places for brunches in Barcelona is backed up not only by the great food they serve but also by the friendly staff and beautiful décor of the venue. If you are in a hurry and don’t feel like gambling then you can’t do wrong with UGOT. Due to its popularity, you might have to wait in line to go in, but we guarantee it is well worth it.

Location: Carrer de Viladomat, 138

Brunch & Cake

Brunch & Cake is one of many endeavors of a company who runs many eateries. Brunch & Cake is one of their most well-known venues due to the quality brunches that they offer, as well as their delicious cakes. This is a very popular venue which is often crowded so don’t be surprised to find a lot of people outside waiting for their name to be called. Your best bet is to either show up earlier than the time Catalans usually eat (between 1 and 2 pm). If you can’t make it earlier, make sure you give the doorman your name as soon as you arrive so that he can include you on the list.

Location: Carrer d’Enric Granados, 19

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Photo via Pixabay

This nostalgic café gives off a vibe of a quiet Australian rainy day combined with the intensity of a hectic sprawling metropolis. The décor is very well done and immediately gives you a comfortable feeling when you sit down to have a snack or a meal. Furthermore, there is the ubiquitous feeling of being in Barcelona, London, and New York all at the same time. Their food is made from fresh ingredients which are combined to create delicious dishes, making Federal the perfect place for a brunch.

Location: Carrer del Parlament, 39

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Jorgen Sikk

Jörgen Ivar Sikk is a biology and chemistry teacher by degree but an avid traveler and writer by passion

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