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Some ideas for original Christmas gifts

Written by Adriana

In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas time is coming faster than you think and you’re still standing there, without any gift for any of your loved ones, not even an idea of what to give, right? Don’t worry! In ShBarcelona, as always, we try to help you with our advice. Here are some GNC tips (good, nice and cheap) to make people happy around you in these special dates.

regalo_cojinDIY Gifts (do-it-yourself): if you want your gift to be special and original, unique and just for the person who receives it, there is no better option than to make it with your own hands. You can buy a fabric, cut it into two equal pieces, sew them and fill them to make a personalized cushion; produce a set of stamps with wooden thinking of shapes that the person would like; recycle objects to make them into more beautiful and decorative ones, print a special photo and put it on a beautiful frame, etc. It depends on your talent and creativity to do something more or less elaborate, but with a good result at the end.

regalo_relajanteWellness And relaxing gifts: if you are thinking of a special gift for your partner, whether is male or female, he or she will surely like a relaxation session. Nothing beats a massage at a spa, and some relaxing baths at different temperature pools. Instead of giving something material to your love, giving experiences is better and the person who receives it and his/her health will be thankful.

Cooking or cocktail courses: as in the previous section, the experience is often better than material gifts. Although we can be lazy to go and do those courses someone gave us, you’ll love the experience! Give a cooking course in “Cocina en” or a course to learn how to prepare the best cocktails to your friends or family. Bare in mind that you will be benefited from your own gift when they decide to practice it … 😉

regalo_stickerOriginal Stickers for the wall: although is a little risky, a home decor gift is always appreciated, as it is often very expensive to decorate your home once you have already spent all the money on furniture. If you have a friend who has recently moved there is no better gift than a sticker for the wall with an original design. There’s no need for it to be very colorful to make it really original or to make a wall funnier.

Music concerts or events tickets: everyone loves music, cinema, theater, or music, right? And if you’re thinking of an original gift for someone you know certainly also have ideas of their musical or entertainment tastes. Why not surprise them with some tickets to that event they are willing to go? If you want to be sure someone will like your gift, you would have to give away two tickets, but that depends on your budget…

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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