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How to plan your trip to Barcelona – the minimalistic way

How to plan your trip -the minimalistic way
Written by Andreas

In short: Money, passport and tickets. Got that? Then you´re fine.

Feeling overwhelmed with planning your trip? Sometimes planning your trip is almost as fun as actually going. It gives you something to look forward to during the cold, dark winter months, or on a really grey, boring day at work. But sometimes it´s easy to get overwhelmed by all the planning, and sometimes you just want to grab your bag and go.

The three item checklist

Did I forget anything? We all know that semi neurotic voice in our head on our way to the airport. But if you only remember to bring your money or credit card, your passport and your ticket, you can treat any other mishap as part of the adventure.

At least if you are goinSONY DSCg to a country with no visa requirements, and no vaccinations needed. That makes travelling within Europe to Barcelona extremely easy and perfect for the spontaneous grab-your-bag-and-go trip. On arrival you can check out our blog for tips on places to visit and what to do, and other information you might need.

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There is a great appeal in just grabbing your things and go, like you just robbed a bank. Sometimes spontaneity is just the thing you need. But it´s often blocked by overthinking and procrastination. Crossing the borders to another country for a short, sweet adventure is nothing that needs to be contemplated. Just go. Let your feet do the thinking.

Just remember these three things – conveniently enough our brain seembarcelona 4s to like to memorize things in groups of threes – you will be fine. Are you wearing clothes? Then you are alm
ost overplanning this. See you in Barcelona!

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Andreas is a digital nomad. Wherever he sets his laptop is his home, but Barcelona seems to repeatedly claim its place in his life.

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