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Autumn Decorations: 7 Ideas to Add to Your Home

bedroom with decorations
Written by Daniella

Autumn is one of the most popular seasons, and from September to the end of December you can see nature’s colours change, making it the perfect moment to bring autumn decorations inside the house.

Can you even imagine living in a house full of summer decorations in the middle of winter? This will be less inviting, and you would not like to spend much time there then. So when autumn comes, adapt your interior to the new season and create a warmer home where you will feel more comfortable when temperatures start to drop.

Introduce different, warmer colours, like a deep yellow or gold, and use softer fabrics that are both comfy and warm.

tables with decorations in living room

Photo by Hannah Busing via Unsplash

This article will tell you all about uncomplicated and effective autumn decorations, in order for you to turn your rental apartment in Barcelona into a cosy and autumn ready home.

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Autumn decoration ideas

Luckily you don’t need to change all the furniture to adapt your house to the new season. There are simple tricks that don’t have to cost (too) much, and these decorations will help you bring autumn inside the house. Are you curious about how to implement autumn decorations in your home? Then keep on reading!

1. Fabrics are your best friend in autumn

Almost every room in the house has some element that includes a fabric, so you are in luck, because cushions, sofa covers, blankets, carpets, bedding, and even curtains can be changed quickly and easily.

Try combinations of warmer colours, like terra cotta, rusty reds and oranges, or mustard. Use beige or grey as your neutral colour. Applying velvet as a fabric will automatically create that autumn look you are searching for.

yellow and black autumn decorations

Photo by Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

2. Elements of wood and wicker

Anything made of wood, wicker or rattan, especially furniture, will combine perfectly with other elements to obtain that autumn feeling inside the house. Why don’t you swap that side table that you have been wanting to replace for a while now, or put a basket next to the sofa for those soft blankets and cushions.

floor decorations

Photo by Julien Lanoy via Unsplash

3. Decorate your home with dried flowers and candles

This combination works very well, and you can even use it as small or as big as you like. It can be a corner with lovely smaller details, or a big centrepiece on your table.

Dried flowers are very easy to get your hands on in the city. They sell them at most decoration shops in Barcelona. If you prefer natural instead of dried flowers, these are the ones to buy this autumn: chrysanthemums, lavender, heather and sunflowers.

If you like to light candles, use scented candles instead of regular ones, as the scent will create a warm and delightful atmosphere!

autumn decorations with candle and dried slices of lemon

Photo by Tetiana Shadrina via Unsplash

4. Warm coloured lights

Another decoration element in your interior that shouldn’t be forgotten is lighting. Use this time of year to change the light bulbs in your house.

You can even opt for energy-saving bulbs that emit a more yellow or softer, instead of a bright white light, which creates a better ambiance for autumn and winter.

Perhaps you could even add some floor lamps to your rooms. Place them on each side of the sofa, making it easier to read and creating a lovely atmosphere!

light decorations in living room

Photo by s-o-c-i-a-l-c-u-t via Unsplash

5. The ultimate autumn decoration: a fireplace

Although not everyone has a fireplace at home, this is the best autumn decoration imaginable. So if you don’t mind having a little construction work done, this could be a great addition to your home.

Besides providing heating in the room, it is a very decorative element. And this is not just about the bigger fire inside the fireplace, because you can also place candles on the fireplace mantel.

fire place autumn decoration

Photo by Andrea Davis via Unsplash

6. Create a special place 

Once the cold weather arrives, we spend more time inside the house, and that is why this is the perfect time to introduce and decorate your favourite cosy space. If you have an armchair then you are halfway there, because that is your key item.

Turn an otherwise unimportant corner into a reading nook by adding cushions, a blanket and maybe a small rug. And voila: you have now created the ideal space to enjoy many moments of  relaxation, without ever having to leave the house.

hanging chair with pillows

Photo by Julien Lanoy via Unsplash

7. Add touches of autumn to your balcony or terrace

Many people tend to forget their terrace or balcony during this season, so how about decorating it this year, so you can enjoy it despite somewhat lower temperatures?

Don’t stop with the candles now, but bring them outdoors. Add blankets, an exterior carpet, poufs, and carefully place a curtain of LED lights to finish it off! This is the perfect outdoor space to welcome friends and family, at least until temperatures really start to drop.

autumn ambiance lights and candles

Photo by Taryn Elliott via Pexels

The advantages of an autumn decorated home

I’m sure that after catching up on all the ideas on how to add autumn decorations to your home, you can’t wait to get started on your own home.

But before you dive right into it, let us explain to you what the advantages of autumn decorations are:

  • When your home looks the same the whole year, you can get bored with every room in the house. Adding small details or replacing items that are typical for the season can therefore be invigorating. It will make you feel better!
  • Decorations have a direct influence on your mood. Imagine coming home after being outside on a cold day. What is it you want then? Drink a warm cup of tea, curl up on the couch under your favourite blanket, listen to some soft music, read a book, or watch your favourite series. Can you see – with all the decoration tips we have given you – how this can work out perfectly?
  • Adding autumn decorations to your home will help you keep up with the newest trends and freshen things up every season.
  • Don’t forget to include your family or partner, because anyone can contribute and feel they are an important part of the house they live in.
coffee, glasses and earphones on couch

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu via Unsplash

Now that you have learned how to decorate the house this autumn, it’s your turn to put it into practice. Take all these ideas, and gather your partner, family or friends to work together with you on decorating the house.

Saying goodbye to summer can be hard, but decorating your house and welcoming autumn this way makes it much easier to spend autumn at home!

How will your home be decorated this autumn?
Add your unique autumn decorations in the comment section!


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