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See The Real Barcelona – Take A Walk

Written by Damien

If you are moving to Barcelona for any length of time then arranging a long-term rental is important.  There are many long rental Barcelona agencies you can use including the likes of ShBarcelona.

After moving into apartments for rent in Barcelona then, of course, you should make sure that you spend time exploring the area surrounding it.   By wandering into the shops close to your apartment you have the opportunity to interact with the locals and discover more about the best places to visit, which most guidebooks don’t know about.

Upon my arrival, after I had dropped my bags at my apartment for rent Barcelona I went out to begin exploring the area surrounding it.  I was amazed at how quickly I found some amazing places that weren’t being frequented by the many tourists in the city also.   However rather than hopping on the metro, tram or bus I decided to explore the city by foot.

What I love about exploring the city by foot is that it places me right in the middle of everything.   It also offers me the chance to discover some really amazing places.  One particular place I have found that I love spending time in on a regular basis is the Manchester Bar.  This is located in the Gothic part of the city on Calle de Milans.   If you are someone who has a hunkering for the sounds of groups like The Smiths or Joy Division then this is the place for you to go.

Of course exploring the city on foot doesn’t only mean you have the opportunity to find some really great bars and restaurants.  It also offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the kinds of things that those who are local to the area like to do.  So helping you to avoid the areas where the tourists like to frequent.

Another area of the city you may wish to explore on foot is an area of the city where most students attending the various universities live.   As you wander along the numerous cobble lined side streets you may come across some great little shops and tapas bars where you can enjoy a bite to eat at a fraction of the cost of those found in the areas of the city that are generally frequented by tourists.

Plus if you are in the throws of learning to speak Spanish around here you will find numerous little squares that often are packed with locals in the evening playing football, chatting or just reading a book.  You may be wary about trying out your Spanish, but the people of this city are very friendly.

So as you can see from my experiences above exploring Barcelona on foot can open a whole new side of the city to you.   You may have aching feet and legs by the time you get back to your apartment, but it really will have been worth it.

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Damien loves languages, learning, food, startups and... Barcelona!

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