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Do not leave for the summer what you can do today

Written by Adriana

It is very common in the human race (us) that we never have time for anything, or we say so all the time. During the year we put off things we feel lazy about doing for “when we have a moment” or for holidays. This is not a good idea because once you have free time the last thing you want to do is that you have been putting off for the fall, winter and spring, but for those brave people, here are some pending tasks that you can check on your “to-do-list” in summer or on your holidays…

Do a backup of your hard drive

The first thing the most of us would take to escape from a fire at home would be the laptop, right? Make sure you have a backup of all the important information it contains just in case…

Renew the music on your iPod or device you use for music 

Be updated musically is not easy especially with the number of groups have emerged with new technologies and social networks, but if you don’t want to miss a thing and be constantly listening to the same 2010’s records, erase everything that contains your mp3 device and renew your musical “closet” !

Sort your documents

Yes, it would be better die drown on the sea than sort the amount of “important” papers, invoices, receipts and other documents that have been accumulating on your desk, but it is a matter of now-or-never.

Throw the clothes of your wardrobe that you don’t wear

Being winter clothes, summer clothes, autumn clothes or that clothes you love so much. Get rid of it and be honest to yourself,  you NEVER going to fit on that trousers you had when you was 20.

Visit your family

Photo by john.schultz via Visualhunt

For me is somewhat tedious. There are people who love to be with their grandparents, cousins, brothers, uncles, aunts, brother in-laws, etc., but if you’re more like me, I’m sure it’s something that makes you feel a creepy rootlessness person.  You can stop being the black sheep in the family this holidays.

Retrieve an abandoned hobby

 Painting, drawing, reading, sports, cooking, hiking, dancing, playing an instrument, writing, taking care of a bonsai, macramé, dog’s hairdressing, etc. Anything is ok and never is too late!We encourage you to carry out at least three of these tasks and your vacation time will be a little more worthwhile … If you visit Barcelona during this time no place to stay would be better than the apartments in Barcelona we offer you at ShBarcelona. Spend a great summer in our vacation rentals in Barcelona.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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