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Fàbrica Moritz, an icon of Barcelona

inside moritz building
Written by Adriana

We have already mentioned the Moritz beer on multiple articles within this blog, but we don’t get tired of it as it is a symbol of Barcelona and of a gastronomic culture of high quality at a very affordable price.

Communication and creativity surrounding the brand Moritz is an example for many other brands in Spain and Europe, besides the quality of their beers and the menu served at the famous Fàbrica Moritz on the Ronda de Sant Antoni.

ShBarcelona tells you a bit more today.

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Interesting facts about Moritz


old picture of louis moritz

Photo via Pixabay

We have to go back to 1851, when the founder of the brand, Louis Moritz, arrived in Barcelona from Pfaffenhofen, a town in Alsace. Five years later Louis started making his own homemade beer in a factory located in the portal of Santa Madrona, in the Raval area.

In 1864 the headquarters of the factory in Ronda Sant Antoni opens. From there, the beer demand was increasing and the business growing until 1897, when the Cervecería Moritz opens its doors.

Two years after the death of Louis Moritz, in 1920, his heirs create Cervezas Moritz S.A., a company that 8 years later, in 1930 has taken over 34% of the beer market in Catalunya.


At the end of the decade takes place the Spanish Civil War, reducing Moritz production significantly, although it was subsequently recovered by the end of the war and the business was again expanding.

In 1950 even the sale, production, and profits generated by Moritz Factory doubled.

The business continues to grow steadily, but in the 70’s oil crisis seriously affected various sectors of the economy and Moritz owners decide to sell their part of the shareholders and the company closed in 1978.

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Restarting the company

registration paper of moritz factory

Photo via Pixabay

In 2004 the fifth and sixth generation of the Moritz family decides to reopen the business with a relaunch that will make history in many ways.

They want to position themselves as the “Beer of Barcelona” and oust the already known and accepted by all citizens Estrella Damm.

Did they get it? Yes, they did. There isn’t any doubt, after 10 years of this relaunch, the Moritz beer is a closely linked and rooted brand in the city of Barcelona.

The Moritz brand is committed to the city and decided to promote it through events in their neighborhoods, sponsorships, as well as the recovery of the architectural and cultural heritage of Barcelona (collaborating within the Centre Cultural del Born nowadays, for instance), in remodeling the legendary Bar Velodrome, or in their own Moritz Factory remodeling with spectacular success.

New factory

At the door of the newly remodeled Factory, there are always customers waiting to get a table, whatever is a weekday or the weekend, and to try some of their excellent tapas accompanied by a nice cold and unpasteurized Moritz beer.

This is definitely a place that we would recommend that you visit during your stay in Barcelona.

What do you think about the history of this beer company?

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