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Charitable businesses in Barcelona

Catalonia; The Silent City of Philanthropists
Written by Paula

Potions BCN

charity barcelonaPotions BCN is a brand that was created in 2014, born out of the creators’ desire to offer natural, cruelty-free beauty projects that would not only pamper the body, but would also be appealing to the eye. Today, Potions BCN sells soaps, aromatic candles, hair care products, therapeutic oils, lip balms, scrubs, ironing waters and pillow mists, all of them in beautiful, nostalgia-inducing packages. Part of Potions BCN’s profits goes to Santuario Gaia, a farm animal shelter.

Fira de Barcelona

Fira Barcelona was created in 1932 and declared for public use in 2000. It is Barcelona’s trade fair institution and one of the most important in Europe. Each year it receives a number of congresses, trade shows and events from different sectors, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world.Fira de Barcelona collaborates with such charitable organizations as Cáritas, the Food Bank Foundation, and Nutrition without Borders.


Mapfre is one of the most famous insurance companies in Spain, founded over eighty years ago. In 1976, Mapfre created the Mapfre Foundation, a private charitable foundation that offers grants for a variety of charitable purposes, mainly in Spanish-speaking countries. Mapfre Foundation’s charitable work is divided into Social Causes, Health Promotion, Road Safety and Prevention, Education, Culture and History.


In the beginning of 2015, three IKEA store in Barcelona gathered a total of 91.000 euro with the campaign “Stuffed animals for education”, which were donated to UNICEF and Save The Children.


Happening is a chain of stores that sell clothing for women. In March of 2012 Happening donated 2.000€ to the Spanish Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. The funds were gathered through a campaign that was in action in all three Happening stores.

Natura Selection

The Spanish brand Natura Selection has donated over a million euro through Premio Natura, an annual contest that started in 1994, awarding the best humanitarian and nature protection projects.  Hundreds of people apply, and the best three projects receive a grant from Natura Selection to make that project come to life.

Carrefour Foundation

The French multinational retailer Carrefour created the Carrefour Foundation in 2001. Since then, the foundation has worked on promoting social development in the areas of social assistance, health, education, employment and environment.

charity barcelonaGrupo Cortefiel

Grupo Cortefiel has been involved in numerous solidarity projects, including gathering funds to fight breast cancer, gathering funds to be used in humanitarian aid in countries in Africa, gathering funds for victims of domestic violence and for a program to help those with multiple sclerosis.

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  • Hi. My name is linda, i am trying to help 2 young kids to get treatment for DIPG , brainsteam tumour, at Navarra hospital. Both of the kids have got accepted for the treatment, but now they need to pay as its not covered by the social security. The little girl Meritxell from barcelona lives with her mum and they really struggle to get anyone to help them. Her treatment will cost 10.500€ and she need to start her treatment in 2 weeks as her time is running out and none of the earlier treatments have helped. Nigel, the 2nd kid is travelling to Navarra tomorrow to get diagnose from the there anything that your association can help with? Please let me know if you need more information or documents. They both have information on facebook strength for nigel/fuerza para Meritxell. Thank you in advance linda

  • i am helping a student traveler that has lost his wallet. Where can he find temporary meal and shelter in Barcelona

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