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Restaurants and tapas

La Llibertària, deep in heart of Raval

Written by Adriana

Despite the prevailing tendency to transfer bars in Barcelona, there still vocational owners with the real intention to maintain the authenticity of the businesses that are part of Barcelona’s history. A clear example of this is La Llibertària, a charismatic brewery located in 48 Tallers Street, a street that both tourists and locals have to walk by to go from Plaza Universidad (University Square) to las Ramblas. From ShBarcelona we recommend you to discover what they have to offer besides an excellent beer and some delicious tapas

How did the idea of opening this place come up?

After a long career in the hotel industry, Sergio Gil, anthropologist and historian, decided to undertake this project in Barcelona. Is a commitment to recover Barcelona’s history, in particular, the early decades of the last century. It is a small museum with original newspapers and pictures of the city, a tribute to anarchism reconstructed from the original materials that Sergio kept in his home’s closets and in his small archive.

In the same line of work, with the aim of recovering the authenticity of Barcelona’s bars and restaurants Sergio opened to more places: El Colibrí, in the heart of the Raval, a place that had lost its name and essence and that he has given back its identity, and La Peninsular, a winery in Barceloneta neighborhood with a sailor air.

Why is this place called La Llibertària?

The name La Llibertària is a tribute to all those women who live to transform the history of our city. Women here and anywhere in the world who staged this century social revolution in Barcelona can’t be forgotten.

What can we find in this bar?

We have a wide selection of homemade tapas and salads. We have cafeteria service, as well as imported beers, and good tapas, but also drinks and cocktails. The atmosphere in here is chameleon-like, as it changes depending on the time of the day and the occasion. Many young people both local and city visitors come to La Llibertària and give the place a dynamic and fun character.

What specialty have anybody that comes to La Llibertària have to try before leaving?

Among all of them I would say that our exclusive beer (“Premium La Llibertària”) and our handmade vermouth are things that you have to try before leave the place. You also have to eat our spicy “bombs”, the patatas bravas, our salads as esqueixada, or the Galician octopus tapa. All our tapas are made with local high quality products. We prepare excellent mojitos as well! Fan and good vibes are a must at La Llibertària night.

How the experience of starting a business in Barcelona has been? Do you recommend it?

It was a thing in our heads for a while. After spending many years working in the rural hospitality industry in peripheral areas, the next step was to undertake new projects in Barcelona city. The experience has been very positive and rewarding especially as it responds to a commitment to create wealth and employment. Is a moment for investing in self-employment opportunities and generating additional jobs.

How is the competition here in the Raval area within the hospitality industry?

There is a lot of competition, because in the Raval and Ciutat Vella in general, there are many places to go and have a drink. However, a well done job with seriousness and commitment gives great results, we are very pleased with the acceptance of our proposal.

And finally, could you give us some clue about what is coming next at La Llibertària?

These days some touristic routes finish at La Llibertària. One is about the revolution in Barcelona during the Civil War and another is the theatrical route about the Civil War, a project lead by Barcelona Rebelde y Viática aimed at a local audience. And there will be a new route on Orwell soon that has its final stop at La Llibertària.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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  • We had a very good time at La Llibertaria. Quite a surprise that Jango Edwards gave a performance. A very good initiative to give some attention to the revolution in Barcelona, the memory of which has been repressed almost completely. Non passera!

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