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Spanish and Catalan cuisine

A class in Catalan beers

Written by Paula


beer barcelonaMortiz is a brand of Spanish beer that was created in 1856 by Louis Moritz Trautmann, a French man who started to produce his own beer in the Raval neighborhood. Mortiz beers have received a number of awards along the ages and are today one of the most popular Catalan beers.

Piris Barcelona 

Piris Barcelona is a company owned by journalist Miquel Piris, who joined with Institut de la Carvesa Artesana and master brewer Daniel Fermún to create a collection of artisanal beers. Piris Barcelona’s unique and original flavored-beers include Piris Belgian Rye Fruit American Pale Ale (Citrus and Mango taste), Piris Blancheberry Mallorca (Blackberry taste), Resin Old School IPA (wooden/herbal taste) and American Red IPA (caramelized malt taste).

Estrella Damm

Estrella Damm is a pilsner beer brewed in Barcelona and one of the most famous beers in Spain. The brand was founded in 1876 by August Küntzmann and today it offers a large variety of beers that are sold worldwide.

Barcelona Beer Company

Barcelona Beer Company presents itself as “Barcelona’s genuine craft brewery”, producing beer with no additives, using the finest malts, hops, yeast and the purest water from the Montseny Nature Reserve: Font de Regás Mineral Water. The company produces four different beers: Barcelona Beer is a pale ale beer, Big Bear’s label features Frank, the vegetarian bear, who is sick of seeing people drink bad beer, and decides to come out of his cave to fight against low-quality beer, La Bella Lolla  a blonde craft beer made with malts from Baviera and Bohemia, and Cerdos Voladores is the strongest beer produced by the company, whose bottle features fun-loving cartoon pigs with wings.


Voll-Damm Doble Malta is Märzenbier-style beer produced by the same company that brew Estrella Damm. It is a German-inspired full-bodied beer with 7.2% alcohol by volume.


Guineu is a brand of artisanal beer produced in a microbrewery Valls de Torroella, Barcelona. The brand produces nine types of beer, like Mr. Petroli, an American Imperial Stout, Vanilla Black Velvet, a Russian Imperial Stout, Marky Ramone’s, a Brown Ale, and La Fresca, a Pale Ale.

beer barcelonaBeerCat

BeerCat is a Catalan brand of beer produced just outside the village of Sant Marçal. The brand was founded by Martina Molly and Peter Bonner, who work side by side with award-winning brewer James Campbell. BeerCat currently produces six beers, the Pale Ale Barcelona Blonde, the English Bitter La Masia, the Extra Stout Black Irish, the Wheat Pa I Roses, the Farmhouse IPA La Segadora, and the West Coast IPA Further Westward.

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