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International beer bars in Barcelona

Written by Emma

For those who are passionate about beer, going to a bar and being met with the standard Spanish options of Estrella or Moritz may dishearten your taste buds. Bars specialising in international beers aren’t always obviously advertised, so to help in a quest to find new, interesting and tasty beers, here’s a list of the best international beer bars in Barcelona.

La Cerveteca

International beer boardOne of the most highly rated international beer bars in Barcelona and also one of the oldest – La Cerveteca is a bar where you will find a beer from nearly every country on this planet. This bar has an unbeatable knowledge of and passion for beer. La Cerveteca is used as a meeting point for beer enthusiasts to get together for discussion, learning and appreciation of the bars staggering and delicious range of golden nectar. At La Cerveteca the staff like to discuss flavourings and suggest pairings with food. They offer the opportunity for beer tastings and the bar also happens to be a shop, so you can take some of the incredible international favourites away to enjoy at home. This bar only offers the best of the best, so expect to become a slight bit of a beer snob after visiting.

Taverna Racó de Sants

If you’re interested in something a bit less interactive and a lot more specific, for those of you that have a particular taste for Belgian or Irish beers, Taverna Racó de Sants is probably the bar for you. While the nationalities are less varied, you will still find yourself spoilt for choice, with over 70 bottled beers to choose from alone. Taverna Racó de Sants is set in a building as old as 155 years and is a wonderfully dark, cosy and traditional place to sit back and enjoy a couple of pints.


For a hip and modern take on international beers, Ale&Hop cannot be beaten. At this trendy bar and restaurant the focus is to serve delicious food to line your stomach ready to enjoy some new and sometimes daring international beers. Don’t be deceived by the seemingly measly 10 taps, as Ale&Hop’s beer selection changes weekly so there are constantly new and exciting worldly options. This bar is known for offering some feisty and intense options so make sure you’re well prepared.


BeerIf you’re looking to sample some refined food with your international beer, then you should certainly give Biercab a go. Biercab boasts 30 taps of international beer, set in a modern and classy environment, this bar and restaurant offers taste flights to sample as many different beers as possible without finding yourself falling off your chair. As well as some of the usual tapas options Biercab grace the menu with some more delicate and unusual options – here you can pair international beers with seabass ceviche, or you can be surprised with a Naparbier beer sorbet – the food is unexpected and incredible. This excellent international beer bar is also kind enough to have opened a shop next door so you get to purchase your favourite international selections and drink them wherever you please.

This selection of international beer bars is certain to help quench your thirst for worldwide beer offerings. International beer is becoming a trend here in Barcelona’s bar circuit so there are sure to be new bars popping up all over the city in months to come. It also has to be mentioned that Barcelona holds the Barcelona beer festival one a year (usually in March) which is a hugely popular event for beer enthusiasts all over the city – people even travel from other countries to experience over 300 local and international beers at this fantastic beer festival.

Have you come across any new international beer bars that can compete?

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Emma is a psychology student and writer with an interest in art, travel, culture, food and wine.

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