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Restaurants and tapas

Where to drink a good beer in Barcelona

Written by Miguel

If you’re a fan of beer, you’ll feel right at home in the capital of Catalonia. A city with a strong beer-drinking culture, it is full of establishments where you can find everything from the most mainstream local and foreign brands to the rarest craft brews. ShBarcelona will save you the trouble of looking around: we have compiled a list of the best cerveserias is town.

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Best beer bars in Barcelona

Conde Dracula Open for over 40 years, this traditional establishment offers a great variety of both beers and tapas, which makes it a great choice for a fun evening with friends.

Cerveceria Jazz – With a reputation for being one of the best beer bars in Barcelona, Jazz is the perfect place to find and taste the rarest and most refreshing local brews.

Beer Bar Barcelona

Vía Unsplash

Cervesera Artesana – A Gràcia bar famous around town for brewing its own delicious craft beers, Cervesera Artesana organizes monthly tasting events.

BierCaB – A small and cozy brewery and gastropub, BierCaB offers 29 different brews! Their tapas are also varied and quite delicious – we dare to say you won’t find better patatas bravas anywhere in Barcelona.

El Món de la Cervesa – With one of the largest and most diverse beer menus you’ll find in the capital of Catalonia, El Món also has really good tapas. As if that wasn’t enough, the prices are quite low and their staff is very friendly.

Belchica  Is a Belgian pub with a great selection of craft beers and a very popular Happy Hour that happens from 7 to 8 PM every weekday. Are you a sports fan? Order your brew of choice and enjoy their giant screen on game days!

Drink Beer Barcelona

Vía Pexels

La Maison Belge Another Belgian bar that is perfect for beer lovers of all nationalities. Offering a relaxed environment, with blues and jazz always playing in the background, and around 120 different beers for you to taste, it’s no surprise that most of those who try it quickly become regulars.

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Cerveseria d’Or  A popular restaurant and bar right in the heart of the city, Cerveseria d’Or offers you the best foreign beers and the most Spanish of tapas – a delicious combination that never disappoints.

La Cerveteca – Located in the famous Gothic Quarter, this bar is run by passionate beer experts. What better than drinking and learning at the same time?

Café Flanders  With a nice variety of great beers (both draft and bottled), it’s the perfect place to sit down for a drink after a visit to Parc Güell.

CocoVail is Barcelona’s first Americana beer hall. 24 local craft beers rotate on tap. They believe they have some of the best chicken wings in Europe, as well as other classic American-inspire foods (burgers, etc).  Its huge community tables and open space create an ideal venue for gathering friends and family and/ or watching any sporting event. Visitors from around the globe can enjoy their food & drinks while playing board games from their collection (Cards Against Humanity, Jenga, Monopoly, etc). It’s all about the community experience and feeling at home.

CocoVail Bar Barcelona

Vía CocoVail Beer Hall

Remember to drink in moderation

There you have it. Know you now about plenty of places where you can have a nice cold one in Barcelona – remember you don’t have to try them all on the same day, though!

Have fun in the city and don’t forget to tell us all about it using the comment box below. Cheers!

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