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The most unusual bars in Barcelona

Written by Sara Sousa

Barcelona’s thriving nightlife is very famous, attracting millions of people every year to the city’s well-known bars and clubs. But if you feel like escaping the traditional spots for a night – going back to the 1920s or pretending you’re in the North Pole– this is for you.

Here are some of the most unusual bars in Barcelona:

El Bosc de les Fades Café

El Bosc de les fades Barcelona

Photo Javier Del Pozo Del Castillo on Flickr

If spending your night in a fairy’s woodland sounds perfect, this is the place for you. Walking into El Bosc de les Fades Café is finding yourself in an artificial forest with fairies, waterfalls, and optical illusions. You can enjoy a drink in the fairy-themed bar or even explore a “haunted house” room.

Location: Passatge de la Banca, 7

Schedule: Sunday to Friday from 10 am to 1 am. Saturdays from 10 am to 1.30 am.

Gatsby Barcelona

Gatsby Barcelona

Photo by Gatsby Barcelona via Facebook

The speakeasies, the Charleston, ladies in fringed dresses and forbidden drinks. Gatsby Barcelona will transport you to the 1920s and make you want to stay there. The club is divided into a bar, dining area, a dance floor and a stage. This is where the dancers and musicians will wow you with their jazz and cabaret acts.

Location: Carrer Tuset, 19-21

Schedule: Wednesday to Sunday from 8 pm to 3 am.

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Photo by Icebarcelona via Facebook

Fun with friends and -5 ºC (20º F) doesn’t seem like a successful match. But Icebarcelona turns the cold into an important ingredient of a great night. After being equipped with a coat and gloves, you will find ice sculptures and drink cocktails from glasses made of ice. If you need a break from the cold, you can relax on the terrace, wich has a view to the beach.

Location: Paseo Maritimo de la Barceloneta 38 A

Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 12 pm to 3 am.

Tinta Roja

Tinta Roja Barcelona

Photo by Tinta Roja

Named after a 1940s tango song, Tinta Roja delivers on its promise. Walking into this club is stepping into a piece of Argentina back in the day. Velvet chairs, gas lamps, red fabrics, quirky paintings – and, of course, the tango. Don’t miss the performances of this typical Latin American dance, from Thursdays to Sundays.

Location: Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 17

Schedule: Closed from Sunday to Tuesday, open from 8:30 pm all other days of the week, closing at 1 am on Wednesday, 2 am on Thursday, and 3 am on Friday and Saturday.

Sor Rita

Colorful, kitschy, and impossibly eclectic – this is Sor Rita. Inspired by Pedro Almodóvar’s movies (treat yourself to a cocktail named after his characters), this bar is the true meaning of eccentric. The nightly specials include Tarot card readings, cabaret shows and second-hand markets.

Location: Carrer de la Mercè, 27

Schedule: Sunday to Thursday from 7 pm to 2:30 am, Fridays and Saturdays from 7 pm to  3 am.

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Sara Sousa

Sara Sousa is a full-time journalist and part-time dreamer-wanderluster.

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