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Restaurants and tapas

Gourmet Tapa Spots in Barcelona

Written by Eric

It’s difficult to name the best place for Gourmet Tapas in Barcelona. Taste, quality, price, and service should all be factored in when trying to choose.

Tapas have evolved from the humble to the artistic and refined. You will still see your chorizos and bread but you will also find  Manchego with honey brown butter sauce or duck and fig.

Seeing food beautifully plated and spread out over a counter where barmen prepare drinks is a pleasure to the eyes and senses. The appetizing presentation, along the hustle and bustle of the counter staff just stirs the energy.

Let’s take a look at some of the top Gourmet tapa spots in Barcelona.

tapasCervecería Catalana

(Carrer de Mallorca,  236)

This place is filled with a huge range of classic tapas.  Still undecided on what to get? Order your drink first and then see what types of tapas are on hand. Different tapas will keep on coming while you enjoy your drink.

Tapas 24

(Carrer de la Diputació, 269)

Whenever I have out of towners who aren’t too keen on tapas, I take them over to Tapas 24, to help them rediscover this delicious form of foodSome of their specialties are the fried eggs with chorizo and potatoes (Ous Estrellats al Gust) or the burgers made with foie.  Though the restaurant is a bit small, prices reflect the quality, creativity and freshness of the food.

Sensi Tapas Truffle RavioliTickets Bar

(Avenida del Parallel,   164)

From the interior, you would think you were waiting at the lobby of a theater, with the concession stand behind it.  That is part of the playfulness and originality of Tickets.  You know the stamp of the Adria brothers, so get ready for a sensory experience! Menus vary per season with items such as green coconut kefir lime sorbet, curry and coconut water basil.  The drink menu has an extensive selection of Spanish and Catalonian Wine.

Tapeo del Born

(Montcada, 29)

Classic tapa recipes have been recreated by Daniel Rueda, who cooks with locally sourced food. Come sit on tall tables to see the action of the restaurant as the chefs create their delicious dishes from the open kitchen.

About the author


Eric is an American English teacher with a passion for Barcelona.

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