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Restaurants and tapas

The 5 best tapas bars in Barceloneta

Written by Adriana

If you ask the inhabitants of Barcelona where you should have tapas in the city, most of them will recommend that you go to Barceloneta. In this area, you can find the best places to eat seafood or fish tapas, and many other varieties, which go great with a caña (small glass of beer), a vermouth or a good wine. Here is our ranking of the best tapas bars in Barceloneta.


Photo by Deramaenrama via Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the best places to go to try authentic Spanish tapas. Jai-Ca has almost 60 years of history and has now opened a new bar in the same street to accommodate the huge amount of people who come to Jai-Ca daily. Their seafood tapas are the most successful (fried fish, squid, cuttlefish, Galician octopus, salted shrimp, mussels…), but they also prepare excellent patatas bravas and delicious croquetas.

Location: Carrer de Ginebra, 13

La Cova Fumada

La Cova Fumada claims to have invented the famous bombas, potato balls stuffed with meat, a very popular appetizer in Barcelona. Pay a visit to La Cova Fumada to taste some excellent tapas made of fresh fish (calamari, herring, sardines, octopus, shrimp, etc.), but be sure to book your table before going because the place is always crowded.

Location: Carrer del Baluart, 56

El Vaso de Oro

Famous for their beer, El Vaso de Oro serves high-quality tapas like pimientos padrón, ensaladilla russa, patatas bravas and delicious sandwiches like the granjero and the tenderloin with foie gras and onion. Be prepared to eat standing up.

Location: Carrer de Balboa, 6

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La Bombeta

Photo by In Praise of Sardines via Visualhunt

La Bombeta is a mandatory place to visit if you want to try the best bomba in Barcelona. The squid rings are also very popular among the customers. La Bombeta is a very authentic and typical bar in Barceloneta and is worth a visit if only to get in touch with the Spanish character and the local “bar culture”.

Location: Calle de la Maquinista, 3

Segons Mercat

Segons Mercat is located on the same street as Vaso de Oro. This restaurant, whose name has been featured in the Michelin guide, serves great tapas and other dishes made of fresh seafood. The peculiarity of this place is that you can choose what you’re going to eat, as if you were buying it at a store, and they will cook it for you at the moment.

Location: Carrer de Balboa, 16

Café de los Angelitos

Café de los Angelitos is a really popular cocktail bar in Barceloneta. Why? Because it not only serves a variety of cocktails, rums, whiskeys, gins and other alcoholic drinks, but it also serves free tapas with each drink that is offered. They also make a delicious sangria, which goes perfectly with a nice Spanish tapa.

Location: Carrer de l’Almiral Cervera, 26

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Ca’l Chusco

Photo by suanie via Visualhunt

Another great place to go for free tapas in Barceloneta is Cal Chusco. The restaurant/bar serves nice, home-cooked dishes that will make you feel like you are having a meal at your grandmother’s house. They offer a very affordable lunch menus and, as we mentioned, a free tapa with every drink your order.

Location: Carrer d’Almiral Aixada, 5

Bar Electricitat

Bar Electricitat is a very typical Catalan venue, famous for its wonderful vermouth. There isn’t a lot of space inside, which means sometimes it can get crowded quickly, and it isn’t the prettiest of venues, but the tapas make it worth it. There, you will find great patatas bravas, a variety of sausages, tortilla, snails, shrimp salad and more.

Location: Carrer de Sant Carles, 15

Bar Piñol

If you are looking for good bombasBar Piñol will deliver. They specialize in seafood, fresh from the local markets, as well as a variety of snacks like sardines, anchovies, fried calamari, seafood salad and the typical patatas bravastortilla, and esqueixada, all at very affordable prices, and only a couple steps away from the beach.

Location: Carrer Andrea Doria, 28

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