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Best places for a vermouth in Sants

Written by Garry Gallon

We all know Sunday afternoon is nothing but a lazy time. Sure, you could do some chores and prepare the food for the week, but you could also head out into the Sants area of Barcelona for a leisurely stroll, or even better, drink a great glass of vermouth in one of the many vermouth bars that dot the district. It’s a local tradition to spend a lazy sunday with a glass of vermouth in your hand, so who are we to argue?

At ShBarcelona, we have searched out the best vermouth bars in Sants so you don’t need to!

La Bodegueta de Cal Pep

Wine bars are very fashionable in Barcelona right now and in Sants, there are few fashionable bars more revered than La Bodegueta of Cal Pep,a place of great history and one of the most traditional vermouth bars in Sants. They boast a fantastic homemade vermouth and it’s one of the best local places to go either at noon or night to get some great  tapas.

La Bodegueta of Cal Pep is located at  Carrer de Canalejas, 12.

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Bar Bodega Salvat

Photo by mariobonifacio via Visual Hunt

Photo by mariobonifacio via Visualhunt

Bar Bodega Salvat is an example of the fact you don’t need a bar with a fantastic design to enjoy a good vermouth. This bar sticks fast to the Sunday tradition of drinking vermouth as an appetizer before eating: something meant to be laid-back and without ceremony. They do also offer tapas to help soak up the alcohol!

Bar Bodega Salvat is at Carrer d’Andalusia, 2

Celler Cal Marino

If you wander into the Poble Sec area, you will find yourself spoiled for choice by a mass of vermouth bars, but Celler Cal Marino stands out among other fantastic traditional wineries. However, they also offer great Vermouth and tapas which range from the basics of corned beef, anchovies and olives, to the rather more adventurous pig snouts.

Celler Cal Marino is at 

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Photo by mariobonifacio via Visual Hunt

Photo by mariobonifacio via Visual Hunt

Another great vermouth bar in Poble Sec is Gábia Vermouth. A little vermouth bar with heart and soul. We recommend their homemade vermouth with olives, chips or sausage. An incredibly cozy atmosphere will make you feel right at home with your vermouth on your lazy Sunday in Sants

Gàbia is located at Plaça d’Osca, 7.

Now you know some great places to get started with vermouth in Sants, we suggest you get out and discover some more gems for yourself!

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Garry Gallon

A Scotsman living in Barcelona who loves the culture of the city, and finding out about what it has to offer.

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