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Spanish drinks to refresh you this summer

Written by Miguel

Photo via Pixabay

With Spain being known for its very warm weather, it’s no surprise that, over the centuries, its inhabitants have perfected many drinks and cocktails to refresh themselves in the summer. From the internationally known classic that is Sangria, to other more obscure or regional drinks, we have prepared a varied list of recipes so that you too can get some tasty relief from the heat.

Whether you are currently in Spain or not, these will allow you to surprise your guests or even just have a cool moment by yourself, sipping an exotic Spanish drink while you take in the summer breeze from an open window.

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Simple mixes

Rebujito – Originally from the region of Andalusia, this is a very simple, yet very effective drink when it comes to bringing relief from the heat. Fill half your glass or pitcher with lemon soda, half with dry white wine, add a few slices of lime, a few ice cubes and a spearmint leaf and you’re good to go.

Kalimotxo – This one is a very popular drink amongst young people and is even simpler to make – all you have to do is mix any cheap red wine with Coca-Cola or Pepsi (lesser known cola brands tend to have a sweeter taste). Adjust the ratio to your liking, add some ice and enjoy!

Sherry-tini – Mix 250ml of gin with 50ml of fino Sherry, add some cracked ice and orange peels and it’s done. Simple, isn’t it? And yet it looks and tastes so sophisticated. Impress and (most importantly) refresh your friends with this Spanish summer cocktail.

A bit more elaborate

Frozen Barcelona – This stone-cold wonder is the perfect fruity refreshment for a summer night. First, get ahold of Spanish brandy, dry Sherry and any kind of Orange liqueur. Put a shot of each of these in a blender, together with shots of fresh orange juice and heavy cream and a shot and a half of syrup. Add a cup of crushed ice and blend. Serve into a glass, dust with cinnamon and… drink it! Awesome, isn’t it?

Photo by via / CC BY-SA

Photo by via VisualHunt

Sangria – You didn’t think we’d forget about the classic of classics, did you? If you want to make your own, you’re going to need a bottle of red wine, a lemon flavoured soda, two thinly sliced oranges, one thinly sliced lemon, a tablespoon of sugar a cinnamon stick. Place the oranges and lemon in a pitcher, add the wine, sugar, cinnamon and a little bit of soda. Now put it in the fridge to refresh, wait two hours and there you have it – your own homemade Spanish sangria.

Now you can prepare your own Spanish drinks and be refreshed all summer long. Did you try any of them? Do you have your own recipes? Let us know using the comment box below. Have a delicious and fresh summer!

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