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Barcelona’s Top 4 Beer Gardens

Written by Ashley B

What could be better than drinking a refreshing beer in Barcelona surrounded by peaceful gardens? Barcelona is home to so many delightfully captivating bars and restaurants that locals like to keep well hidden. No worries, though.

ShBarcelona has the top 4 beer gardens in Barcelona for the perfect dose of vitamin D with a side of beer.

L’Antic Teatre 

AnticTheatre-Beer-BarcelonaBuried in the heart of el Barrio Born, this creative space/theatre is home to an urban bar that is surrounded by a beautiful garden. As you make your way up the stairs to the terrace you begin to hear the low chatter of locals, artists, and hipsters. Many Barcelona locals have made this they’re after work unwind meeting spot. The bar offers a great ambiance where you can enjoy some sun rays, €2-3 beers and wine, or a surprisingly amazing mojito. 

Since this bar is attached to a local theatre, as an added plus, they also host music, dance, poetry reading and exhibitions for your enjoyment.  

Location: Barrio Born

El Jardi 

Get away from El Raval and the Ramblas’ madness and venture off to the gothic gardens of the old Hospital Santa Creu. This 15-century courtyard is home to the cities best kept secret El Jardi. El Jardi provides a quiet place to work in the morning, but as the night falls it brings in a busier local crowd. If you enjoy local beers such as Estrella, Clara, Voll-Damm, Free Damm and Zurito, accompanied by light live music and a star-filled sky, this is your place. The prices are reasonable, the tapas are delicious, and the people are good. Find the surrounding cement courtyard with the blackboard sign outside welcoming you to El Jardi. 

Location: Barrio Raval


Belvedere is a charming 40’s style cocktail bar with a chic terrace garden facing L’Example passageway. Walking through its terrace garden you will find 6 white curlicued tables that lead you to a classy and sleek bar. The prestigious bartender Gines Perez and his wife Nati are the proud owners of this timeless bar has been open for 15 years. With 20 years of experiences as bartenders, Gines and Nati offer alluring cocktails, traditional and fresh tapas, and homemade cuisine. At the bar, they also have bottled Heineken, Moritz, Alhambra, reserve 1925, La Coronita, Roll Damm, Pilsner Urquell, and Guinness. This beer garden is open Monday thru Friday (closed on weekends) and its average prices are €30-40.  

Location: Dreta de L’Eixample

La Caseta del Migdia 

This last location may not be the treasure chest of hidden beer gardens, as they only offer local Moritz. But believe me, when I say that it is all you will need when you get a look at the view of the city. Take a hold of a desk chair or layout on a hammock you will love this place. Located at the edge of Montjuic this woodland is the ideal place to spend your spring and summer evenings, creating unforgettable Barcelona memories. Take a look at their schedule and make sure to catch a simple barb-q dinner and a show. 

Location: Barrio Santa-Montjuic

About the author

Ashley B

Originally from the United States of America, Ashley Bravo currently lives in Barcelona. She graduated with a Marketing degree from the University of Central Florida. She loves to write, take pictures, and record and edit videos.

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