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Successful Catalan Entrepreneurs

Written by Rachel G

Barcelona is a great city for entrepreneurs and startups. It offers the perfect atmosphere for innovation, creativity, and new ideas. So it’s no surprise that quite a few successful entrepreneurs have come from Barcelona or surrounding areas within Catalonia. Here are some of the stories behind a few of the most successful Catalan entrepreneurs today.

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David Andres

Photo via Pixabay

David Andres made it onto Forbes’s 30 Under 30 Europe list in 2017 for his work as a chef and restaurant owner. On top of working as a chef de cuisine at the Michelin-starred ABaC Restaurant & Hotel in Barcelona, he also owns Restaurant Somiatruites in nearby Igualada that he opened at the age of twenty-five. He’s one of the youngest Catalan entrepreneurs to reach success on such a large scale.

John Casablancas

Born in Manhattan to Catalan parents who fled Spain during the Spanish Civil War, John Casablancas founded Elite Model Management in Paris in 1972. He’s also credited with inventing the modern concept of the supermodel in popular culture today. During Casablancas’s management of the agency, it earned almost $100 million annually, proving to be a great success. Although he died in 2013, his mark on the fashion and modeling industries will likely stick around forever.

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Robert Muñoz

Photo via Pixabay

Robert Muñoz is the founder of the Barcelona-based online company Typeform. The company specializes in online form building and its services have been used for major international companies such as Airbnb, Apple, and Uber. It has been majorly successful since its launch in 2012, generating $1.5 million in 2014 alone. The major appeal of the software is that it makes creating beautiful online registration forms, quizzes, surveys, and checkout pages simple for even the least tech-savvy clients without coding or additional complications.

These successful Catalan entrepreneurs have made a name for themselves both in Catalonia and around the world. With business-minded attitudes and innovative ideas, they’ve left a lasting influence on a range of industries from culinary arts to fashion and technology. They’ve revolutionized their fields with modern concepts and creativity to pave their own paths towards business success.

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About the author

Rachel G

Originally from the United States, Rachel has been living in Spain since 2014. After two years in Madrid, she moved to Barcelona in 2016 to pursue her passions in writing and photography. She spends her free time enjoying life in beautiful Barcelona and traveling around Europe as much as possible.

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