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10 reasons to invest in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

For entrepreneurs looking to invest in companies or start businesses is very important to know where to do it because it is always risky and being wrong in that aspect, can be very expensive. There are many factors to consider with respect to the location or the city of your investment, and Barcelona is, for various reasons, a good place to entrust your money. ShBarcelona wants to give you a list of 10 reasons to invest in this city that will alleviate the doubts.

1.Location on the map: the strategic situation of Barcelona at commercial level is excellent: the gateway product to Europe from the south, has port that gives you access to the entire Mediterranean, and the language is a good bridge to enter the Latin American market.

2.Good accessibility: Barcelona has two airports, one in the city, and another 1’30 hours away in the province of Girona, the AVE train (high speed train in Spain) pass through the city as well and is directed toward strategic cities. It is also a city with excellent communication by road and sea, which makes it an important logistics center.

3.Industrial and services sector city: Barcelona is a city of industrial tradition, which focuses on production for centuries, most recently focused on the service sector, but always with great economic activity.

4.Successful foreign investment: Barcelona is home to more than 5,000 foreign companies, and many of the foreign companies operating in Spain have their headquarters in Barcelona.

5.New technologies and sustainability: is a very old city with regard to the development of new technologies related to different industries as well as the use of resources and sustainably.

6. Great talents attraction: the quality of life of Barcelona makes many people want to live in it, including the most skilled workers worldwide, that also are attracted to prestigious universities for their careers and masters.

7. Projects development: there are always initiatives in all economic areas requiring investment in Barcelona and represents a great opportunity for a future capital. The success of these projects is often secured by this atmosphere of prosperity and for all the reasons on this list.

8.Good city to undertake: Barcelona is a city of traders and entrepreneurs who continually seek for new ways of doing business and are always willing to undertake, looking for capital to very good initiatives.

9.Quality of life: the quality of life in Barcelona is the highest in Europe and makes it a great city to live, and, consequently, to undertake.

10.The “Barcelona” brand: when a business includes the word Barcelona, either way, it takes a value in itself. This indicates that this city, rather than being just a city on the map, it becomes a brand or add value to your enterprise or your investment.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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