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Renting Out Your Apartment in Barcelona

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Written by Paula

Are you one of the lucky people who own an apartment or another type of property in Barcelona? Have you always hesitated to entrust it to professionals because you are not sure it would be profitable enough renting out your apartment, or is your place your “baby” and therefore, it has always been out of the question to let someone else handle it?

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ShBarcelona offers you a bit of information about why it is advantageous to put your apartment up for rent in Barcelona and preferably with our agency. So if you are thinking: “I want to rent out my apartment in Barcelona“, keep on reading!

Why you should consider renting out your place 

First of all, there’s no need to explain that Barcelona is the perfect city for a stay at any time of the year: popular during the summer but also in winter for its pleasant climate, it is advantageous to invest here thanks to mass tourism.

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It is also true that using a real estate agent is still more expensive than renting a room like in L’Auberge Espagnole. However, there is no denying that in Barcelona the best deals are often found with the help of real estate agencies.

Apartments are to be found through the multitude of real estate agencies, many real estate websites (idealista, etc.) and social networks for sharing flats with strangers from the whole world.

Where to find my apartment in Barcelona?

Entrusting your apartment to market experts is the optimal solution for more visibility and ensuring tranquility in an unfamiliar changing environment with a strong dynamic in a city that is constantly giving and demanding more.

At ShBarcelona, the quality of our website and our communication on social networks and on our various real estate portals have convinced many owners to trust us with their property.

Selecting your rental investment

Once ready to rent out your property, ask yourself the right questions: what type of rental do you choose? Taking ShBarcelona as an example, leases in Barcelona vary according to demand.

These variations can also be dangerous and trap you if you do not know exactly what you are signing. In addition to helping you offload all the paperwork, our services offer real income and guaranteed safety through these different formulas.

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Tourist rentals

This is the type of rental to choose if you have an apartment with a tourist license. No longer issued by the City Council, it is increasingly hard to obtain this license, so yours would become easily noticed with the help of our regularly controlled quality service and our international network of professionals.

Also, if you want to make a seasonal profit on your apartment, this property is perfect for you!

split level apartment

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Monthly rental apartments

For stays of one to eleven months, this type of rental allows a high turnover of tenants in your apartment. Your property would be occupied for much of the year and at the same time, you save it for you to enjoy it in the summer!

You can alternatively juggle between monthly rental and tourist rental if you have the tourist license. At ShBarcelona, we take care of our owners, as well as our tenants. In order not to worry about the state of your apartment when it receives several tenants per year, our conditions require guarantees to prevent even the slightest incident.

apartment with lots of books - renting out your apartment

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Long term rental options

This is the best-known rental format of all because it’s the one everybody knows about worldwide. For stays from 6 months to 3 years, this is the classic type rent but you have to differentiate it from the monthly rental, which has more “flexible” conditions than long-term rental (eg a minimum duration of 6 months).

This type of rental is perfect if you have a second home in Barcelona you use very little. Everything depends on your objective while renting out your apartment, especially if you have preferences regarding your tenants.

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It is true that students are often afraid to see the additional fees charged by an agency, but impeccable customer support and easy contact with the agency provided by the multilingual staff justify a higher price and hold no surprises for the owner or the tenants.

Moreover, for future tenants looking to pay monthly rental, the agency fees are decreasing and there is a real maintenance service included in the price.

Get to know ShBarcelona

Consult a real estate agency for expert advice

If you are wondering: “How do I rent out my apartment in Barcelona?”. Come take a look at our offers and do not hesitate to entrust your apartment to our website for either free marketing or integral management!

Your property in Barcelona will be in good hands and you can take advantage of your investment without any hassle.

Do you have a property you are considering to rent out? 
Contact us for direct advice on the possible revenue!

About the author


Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.


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    I am coming to Barclona for 3 month s and want to rent an apartment that is central but affordable
    whom can I contact

  • Hi,
    Is it true that all tourist licenses are completely STOPPED? even if one wants to buy a flat in Eixample, he cannot issue a license? What are the conditions? Thanks.

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