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Have fun with Tangelo Games

Written by Christine

Barcelona is quickly becoming a center for all things tech not only in Spain but in Europe in general. New companies are being founded, older ones are thriving, and new ideas are constantly being tested and improved upon. Engineers are working away to build and create new products that surprise, amaze, and entertain us. One such company is Tangelo Games, who is changing the gaming scene and the way that people play and enjoy online games. Tangelo designs games that are not only fun to play but that also bring people from all over the world together.

About Tangelo Games

Photo via Pixabay

Headquartered in Barcelona, Tangelo Games is the result of two older companies merging together to create something new. It is made up of innovative and creative designers and engineers that are committed to developing unique and revolutionary online games. This company is continually growing and it is currently well ahead in the race to become one of the leaders of the pack. Tangelo Games develops casino-style games that can be played on a variety of devices like mobile phones and tablets, pushing the limits of creativity and design to offer their customers the coolest and most unique games around.

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Connecting users around the world

The Tangelo Games team is passionate about delivering an exciting experience to its clients, with games that are engaging and that allow people to socialize with friends or people from all over the world online and through many social media platforms. Millions of users connect every day to chat, play, and meet new people on these platforms while playing one of the games from Tangelo’s impressive catalog.

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Photo via Pexels

Tangelo has a huge collection of games that they have developed for their users, which have a wide variety of themes and objectives. There are local games Burraco (Brazil), Belote (France), Chinchon and Mus (Spain) and many others, as well as classic games like Domino and Parcheesi, which are always a hit, and fun, casino games like Slots, Bingo, Videobingo, Poker, roulette and many other. Tangelo is always thinking about how to take their games to the next level as well as how to make the user experience even better. When playing a Tangelo game you will notice how clear and bright the graphics are and how good the quality of sound effects is. Tangelo’s games can be played on Mundigames website ( as well on Facebook (Best casino, Bingo Rider, Akamon slots…) or mobile device so you can take the entertainment with you wherever you go.

Download one of Tangelo’s games now and join in the fun!

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